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North Carolina's public employees retirement system is underfunded, bled more than $2 billion in red ink in the most recent 12-month period reported, and is outperformed by most other states, data show
The 2016 Wellness & Safety Expo connected thousands of state employees and retirees with community resources that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.
Governor Pat McCrory helped kick off construction of the new State Employees' Credit Union Memorial Walkway today at the USS North Carolina Battleship
One day after the Human Rights Campaign criticized Governor Pat McCrory for his executive order extending the nondiscrimination policy for state employees to include sexual orientation and gender identity as a 'failure,' the Washington, D.C.-based organization praised Democrat Governor of...
Fifteen state employees will be presented with the prestigious 'Governor's Awards for Excellence' on Tuesday. It is the highest honor a state employee may receive for dedicated service to the State and the citizens of North Carolina.
Unable to reach an agreement on a state General Fund budget, legislative leaders plan to extend their temporary budget continuing resolution until September 18...
Dana Cope has stepped on some powerful toes during his tenure as head of the state employees union here in North Carolina. Most of them have been on the starboard side of the political spectrum.
According to the most recent report available, North Carolina's main pension fund for retired state employees is strapped with a $3.7 billion unfunded liability. This growing liability means taxpayers must pony up an increasing amount of funds to cover the costs of promised benefits to retirees...
The State Employees Association of North Carolina could receive significant monetary awards if it prevailed in a whistleblower complaint against those investing the state pension fund's money.
An organization representing 55,000 state employees has asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate "widespread potential violations of law" involving State Treasurer Janet Cowell's handling of investments from the $87 billion state retirement system.
State agencies would have to reimburse the state retirement system for costs associated with allowing employees to pad their incomes to earn more lucrative pensions under legislation expected to get a House hearing this week.
Investing 83 billion dollars for more than 875,000 current and retired public employees is an awesome responsibility, one North Carolina delegates to our State Treasurer.
The lies have been flying fast and furious regarding Bill Barber's Moral Monday nonsense at the legislative building.
What's left of our state's mainstream media has sunk to an all-time low with their coverage of this Moral Monday silliness on Jones Street. We're getting a lot of dictation.
Since 2008, The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has established a reputation as Barack Obama's shock troops -- his brownshirts, his muscle.
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following press statement this morning concerning the Senate's budget proposal
That's how newly elected Governor Pat McCrory described his first state budget proposal at a press conference Wednesday morning.
N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger Tuesday unveiled the second phase of his education reform agenda, calling for an end to teacher tenure, placing a greater emphasis on literacy, pushing for accountability in...
Imagine you get a new job with good pay and excellent benefits. In fact, the health insurance coverage is the most generous you've seen. You pay nothing for coverage while you are working, and after a set number of years, you can get free coverage in your retirement years as well.
Headlines across the nation have been sounding the alarm about state government pensions. Even very conservative estimates place the total amount of unfunded state pension liabilities to be approaching a trillion dollars nationally.

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