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In the Tar Heel State, government mandates require that 12.5 percent of electricity must come from wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy by 2021.
Governor McCrory announced the arrival of SWELECT Energy Systems LLC to Halifax County
Solar energy is said to be renewable because it is "naturally replenished." One source defines solar power as renewable because "there is an endless supply." But the truth of the matter is that in any meaningful technological, economic, or practical sense solar is anything but renewable...
It is now being acknowledged by even its staunchest supporters that the solar industry in North Carolina is completely a creature of government mandates and subsidies and could never stand on its own without wealth transfers from taxpayers and rate payers. In other words, it is completely welfare...
At a recent event with Harry Reid in Las Vegas President Obama accused conservatives of being inconsistent in their support for free markets. Why? Apparently because they are "not for" solar power. Here's what he had to say to the gathering...
The two grants were used for the installation of rooftop solar panels on a 300,000-square-foot building in Reidsville owned by JDC, and leased to Plastic Revolutions, a recycling company also owned by the Hagan family
North Carolina consumers would have saved $4.2 billion since 2007 if mandates on electric power utilities to purchase expensive renewable energy had not driven costs well above the U.S. average, said a nationally recognized energy and environmental policy analyst.
Affluent North Carolina residents who put solar panels on their rooftops are being subsidized by lower-income customers because of the state's renewable energy subsidies and regulations, the president of Duke Energy North Carolina told a legislative panel Tuesday.
The ongoing debate over subsidies for traditional versus renewable energy sources offers an incomplete picture. A new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report urges advocates on both sides of the debate to fill in the gaps by factoring in penalties along with subsidies.
In January 2011, Thom Tillis was elected speaker of the state House. In March, 2011, it hit the media that House leaders were attempting to kill a conservative-promoted measure to eliminate the state's "renewable energy" mandate.
In a recent press release, it was announced that "Governor Pat McCrory ... has proclaimed June as Solar Energy Month in North Carolina." In doing so, the governor...

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