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The filing period for all nine Wake County school board seats opens at noon Thursday and ends at noon Wednesday, Aug. 17.
The Wake County Board of Elections will revert to using the maps that were in place in 2011 for this year's school board and county commissioner elections, a federal judge has ruled.
Attorneys for legislative leaders have filed new maps with the U.S. District Court and are urging the judge handling the case to approve the maps for the 2016 election for Wake County commissioners and school board members
Governor Pat McCrory's office issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court entering a stay in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.
While officials are mulling a request from a federal judge to submit new district maps for Wake County commissioner and school board elections, one longtime lawmaker says the U.S. Supreme Court could allow this year's elections to be held under the disputed plans
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory will join South Carolina and sign on, in his capacity as governor, to an amicus brief in the case of G. G. v. Gloucester County School Board.
North Carolina voters soon could vote for governor and lieutenant governor as a team under a measure approved Tuesday by the House Elections Committee.
Attorneys on both sides of the voucher issue made their case on Tuesday to the state's highest court, with Supreme Court justices considering a challenge to a Superior Court decision stating that the Opportunity Scholarship Program, offering tuition vouchers to low-income parents who removed...
There must be something in the water in the Triangle. Those folks keep finding the wussiest left-wing girlie-men possible - cloning them - and electing them to public office. Think Homer Simpson's neighbor Flanders.
In January 2008 we published the results of our study of the facilities needs in Beaufort County Schools. The title of the article was The Future for Beaufort County Schools.
The Guilford County Board of Education has voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina contesting the new law that replaces teacher tenure with term contracts plus a salary bonus.
Three strikes and you're out. That's been the rule of thumb in the game of baseball. It's been the law in a lot of states' judicial systems.
Al Klemm appeared before the Beaufort County Board of Education at the board's regular monthly meeting November 25, 2013. He spoke during the "public comment" section of the agenda. Again, we see Mr. Klemm's ignorance on full display.
At their regular monthly meeting on November 25, 2013 the Beaufort County Board of Education heard a report from Superintendent Don Phipps as well as comments from Paul Varcoe during the Public Comment section of the agenda on the hotly debate issue of the "Common Core."
After the General Assembly earlier this year failed to enact legislation that would shift control of school building construction and ownership from the school district to the county commission, the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted 4-3 Monday along partisan lines to approve an interlocal agr
School boards in Wake and Buncombe counties are pursuing disciplinary policies they say are necessary to prevent rogue board members from bringing their school systems into disrepute. Critics say they're pure intimidation tactics meant to silence critics and cover up problems.
It's a sad statement about the current state of public education when the person responsible for administering our local school system has such a poor grasp on reality.
Amid pushback from charter schools and concerns about violations of constitutional separation of powers, a Senate bill creating an independent public...
During the June 18 meeting, the Beaufort County Board of Education voted to relax the student dress code forthe 2013‐2014 school year.
The games grown people play are amazing at times. One such time is that going on now between the Beaufort County Board of Education and the County Commission.
Essentially what the report documents is that as much as $20 million of school construction from the $39.6 million bond construction program was built in the wrong place and too little was spent on schools that should have had more construction than was done at those schools.
Facts can be inconvenient things. Especially when your own in-house records contradict the spin you are peddling to the public.
Democrats have been working hard to take out state Rep. Mike Stone (R-Sanford). Stone's 2012 race was a little too close for comfort. In 2013, the Blueprint crowd has ordered the creative writing crowd at McClatchy-Raleigh to sharpen their crayons and finish Mr. Stone off.
I am encouraged by the discussions the Beaufort County Board of Education is having about how it can function more effectively, and hopefully more efficiently.
Debra Goldman, the Republican nominee for State Auditor and Wake County School Board Member, announced today that she has earned the endorsement of the North Carolina Trooper's Association.
Debra Goldman, the Republican nominee for State Auditor and Wake County School Board Member, is once again adding a strand of pink hair for the month of October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.
A new political climate in the state capital could result in a number of school choice reforms enacted into law next year, a panel of legislators said Tuesday during a luncheon on school choice.
Regrettably, it is not likely that the Beaufort County Board of Education election will get much attention this year amidst all the hoopla of a presidential/gubernatorial election.
Proctor Kidwell has announced his intention to file next week to run for School Board District 5 in the November election.
A citizen watchdog says the Durham County school board's rush to oppose a science and technology-based charter school has deprived the public of sufficient review and input.
Jimmy Hite, a Greenville architect, formally presented the School Facilities Study to the Beaufort County Board of Education. We have previously reported what the study shows; and that is that the School Board wasted over $24 million in the most recent bond building program.
The Beaufort County Board of Education met for its regular monthly meeting on February 21. We have video from much of the meeting below.
The Beaufort County Commissioners got a sobering report from architect James Hite Monday night (2-6-12) at its regular monthly meeting.
Beaufort County Schools has been notified the redistricting plan for our Board of Education districts has been given pre-clearance by the United States Department of Justice under Section 5 of the federal Voting Rights Act.
The Beaufort County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday (11-22-11).
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