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Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton's top supporters and New Hampshire's Democrat Senate candidate Maggie Hassan refused three times to say if she thought Hillary Clinton was honest and trustworthy.
Leaders from the NCGA House and Senate continued the call for Roy Cooper to defend the common-sense voter ID law or resign as the appeal heads to the Supreme Court.
Three more elected officials joined the outcry of citizens across the state for Roy Cooper to do his job as Attorney General
Today, the very groups that have been trying to trash North Carolina's economy and reputation have revealed why they're doing it: to help elect Roy Cooper
The McCrory campaign released the following statement in response to Larry Hall's press conference politicizing coal ash
The Pat McCrory Committee today launched its second TV ad of the campaign. "Legacy" contrasts Roy Cooper's legacy as a 30-year politician inside state government with Governor McCrory's record of results
After Attorney General Roy Cooper admitted he does not intend to uphold his sworn and legal obligation to defend North Carolina's common sense voter ID law in court, Governor McCrory called on Roy Cooper to forgo his salary and reimburse taxpayers for the cost of hiring outside counsel to do his job
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) released the following statement in response to Roy Cooper's latest actions, which have proven his ultimate lack of responsibility as a prosecutor as well as his over zealous behavior with taxpayer money
Sitting in the front row when Governor McCrory announced CSX would be building a new intermodal terminal in his hometown bringing 1,500 jobs to North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper greeted the impressive economic news with a standing ovation as the governor exclaimed
The Raleigh News & Observer reports that Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, the most unpopular governor of one of the heaviest taxed states in America, has endorsed Roy Cooper
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today released the following statement in response to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on North Carolina's voter ID law
While this ruling was expected it is nevertheless disappointing that Roy Cooper and his allies have blocked our already successful and popular voter ID law
Emails exposed by Wikileaks show Roy Cooper's own Democrat Party worked behind the scenes to coordinate a national attack campaign against North Carolina, and then cheered about cancellations and potential losses to the state
Earlier today, Roy Cooper released yet another TV ad that is meant to deliberately mislead the people of North Carolina
Governor McCrory is holding Duke Energy accountable and cleaning up coal ash ponds once and for all, Roy Cooper let this problem fester for more than 28 years during his career as a top lawmaker and as attorney general. Instead of ever addressing coal ash
While the Wake County Board of Elections voted along party lines to appeal a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling throwing out local school board and county commissioner districts, state legislative leaders are fighting to get back in as defendants in the case
After a week of hearing nothing asked nor answered, the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today questioned whether Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross support Hillary Clinton's "extremely careless" handling of classified material while serving as Secretary of State
McCrory Campaign Manager Russell Peck released the following statement on Roy Cooper
After Roy Cooper's campaign indicated he would have vetoed the bipartisan budget bill signed by Governor McCrory to raise teacher pay and cut taxes for the middle-class, The Pat McCrory Committee slammed Roy Cooper for putting partisan politics above teachers, families and students
State Attorney General Roy Cooper's refusal to represent North Carolina in a federal lawsuit over House Bill 2 is just one part of an expanding trend that sees attorneys general across the United States picking and choosing, depending on their party affiliation
During a campaign stop in Winston-Salem yesterday, Roy Cooper dodged questions about whether or not he will help campaign for Hillary Clinton when she comes to North Carolina next week
As the North Carolina Democrat Party (NCDP) stages its state convention, the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) is encouraging the media and voters to ask Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross the following questions
Today, two radical Moral Monday-affiliated groups supporting Roy Cooper, Progress NC Action and NCAE 2020, falsely accused Governor McCrory of signing legislation that hurts teachers and hard-working North Carolinians
After the first gubernatorial debate, McCrory Campaign Strategist Chris LaCivita released the following statement
Attorney General Roy Cooper's defense of a critical state law protecting minors from sex offenders is facing criticism after a federal judge ruled against the state and in favor of a group of sex offenders
Roy Cooper's union-funded campaign surrogates blocked traffic in downtown Raleigh today during rush hour after rejecting an offer to meet with the governor's senior advisors.
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today released the following statement after the NCAE held a press conference in support of Roy Cooper's campaign for Governor in front of a statue of a known-segregationist to criticize Governor McCrory
This past Wednesday, Attorney General Roy Cooper was the headliner at a fundraiser organized by the Sierra Club PAC, which has supported anti-jobs policies in North Carolina
North Carolina Republicans have tapped Former Congressman and Party Chairman Robin Hayes to lead the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) through the 2016 elections.
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today called on Roy Cooper to denounce Moral Mondays for their demands and tactics
As school districts across North Carolina received new restroom guidelines from the Obama administration based on a new interpretation of federal law
North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper called Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who then began "CEO-arm twisting" by recruiting and coordinating with business leaders, including Deutsche Bank, to inflict economic damage on North Carolina to protest HB2
Maybe it was a Freudian slip? During a recent appearance at an event hosted by the N.C. Chamber of Commerce, Roy Cooper praised North Carolina's economy under Governor McCrory, admitting that North Carolina is the best state in the country for business and the state is now in a good position for fut
North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper may be required to reimburse the University of North Carolina system for legal fees it must pay following Cooper's refusal to represent the university in a federal lawsuit over the state's controversial House Bill 2
I think that we are losing jobs, we are losing millions of dollars, and we have to make sure that we come together to find a way to get rid of this obstacle that we have put in front of ourselves as a state...
After Roy Cooper launched an online store with a t-shirt referencing the early '90s rap song "Whoomp! (There It Is)," the North Carolina Republican Party issued the following statement...
In arguing the case brought by North Carolina, Texas and a coalition of states challenging President Obama's illegal immigration executive order, U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. DOJ) attorneys engaged in "intentional," "serious," and "unethical" misconduct, a federal judge ruled last week. In a...
After Braeburn Pharmaceutical announced the company will continue with its plans to build a $20 million facility in Durham County, McCrory Campaign Manager Russell Peck released the following statement...
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