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Try something new? I'm all for it. But whether you are talking about changing your diet, changing your career, or changing your government's public policy, it's often a good idea to proceed in stages.
In the last two years, academics and scholars of public policy have identified North Carolina as a state with an overly complex criminal code that can ensnare small businesses, farmers, and individuals who unknowingly fail to comply with regulatory rules. In 2014, Professor Jeff Welty of the...
North Carolina features "undoubtedly the premier governor's race of the country" for 2016, and if the election were held today GOP Gov. Pat McCrory would be re-elected despite shaky approval ratings, said Tom Jensen, director of the Raleigh-based firm Public Policy Polling.
Those who advocate rational public policy, based on a thorough understanding of the principles of human action and the benefits of voluntary exchange, are bound to be disappointed much of the time.
Over the past four years, state policymakers in Raleigh have adopted a series of sweeping changes in public policy, including a new state tax code, school choice, new energy policies, election laws, and historic reforms of the regulatory process. Some North Carolinians have welcomed these...
During the 2014 campaign season, polling organizations issued dozens of surveys of North Carolina voters. If you read them carefully, you spotted the opening that Thom Tillis would later seize to upset Kay Hagan in the U.S. Senate race. A careful reading also revealed that Democrats were unlikely...
One of my favorite modern historians, the late Rufus Fears at the University of Oklahoma, was fond of saying that "ideas make history."
Early next year, the John Locke Foundation will be celebrating our 25th anniversary.
Dean Baker is an economist who co-directs a left-wing group in Washington called the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Liberal groups in North Carolina and elsewhere often cite Baker as an authority on the effects of public policy on economic growth.
Public Policy Polling is out with some new numbers on the highly-watched US Senate race here in good ol' NC.
Never fails. The left-wing Public Policy Polling is backtracking. Just last week they were reporting that Thom Tillis was going to win the GOP Primary in a cakewalk.
Ideas drive public policy. During the last couple of years, North Carolina has begun to implement sound ideas to reform taxes, transportation, regulation, energy, education, Medicaid, and more. Good policy leads to more economic freedom, and that leads North Carolina in the right direction.
The federal health care law known as Obamacare creates more problems for North Carolinians than just the faulty website that has generated recent headlines. A new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report documents key Obamacare flaws and offers alternatives for addressing health care needs.
Despite the fact that the term has no meaning, politicians from both major parties and partisans of various ideological stripes tend to use it regularly when discussing budget issues. "Our budget plan includes full funding for community college enrollment." "We're rallying to restore full funding...
The voter identification provision in North Carolina's new election law has drawn considerable attention from across the country. Democrats have, of course, been highly critical of it.
Part of my job involves commissioning, reading, interpreting, and writing about public policy research. As I began researching my 2012 book on North Carolina's economy, Our Best Foot Forward, I found myself reading or re-reading dozens of scholarly studies, published in academic or professional...
I get these political positions from this Democrat public servant that the state Republican Party feels incapable, or possibly too incompetent, to challenge, and I wonder whatever happened to the supposed integrity in people like Attorney Roy Cooper.
There is no public policy debate in which the language has been manipulated more than in the case of global warming. In fact, the language has been...
A poll by the left-wing Public Policy Polling firm of Durham suggests that a grassroots, Tea Party-backed amateur candidate and the president pro tem of the State Senate would perform the strongest against incumbent US Senator Kay Hagan (D).
Is New York City a better place to work than Charlotte? It depends on your priorities. For many people, the Big Apple with all its glamour and glitz may be...
I'm glad to see news reporters and policy analysts devoting increasing attention to a subject Carolina Journal readers will find familiar: the role that public policy plays in discouraging work.
Whatever your political party or persuasion, you may think that North Carolina's many public-policy challenges reflect from a lack of knowledge on the part of policymakers and the general public.
As we begin 2013, we are in many respects returning to the political past in North Carolina. Not since Reconstruction has the Republican Party held control of our executive, legislative, top court and most of our counties. There are big changes and new faces ahead.
The John Locke Foundation has long advocated privatization, outsourcing and competition as useful tools for building effective public policies.

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