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What if the conventional wisdom about education in North Carolina were exactly backwards, and it was Republicans who have been more generous in funding our state's schools
Based on recent events, and lots of recent handwringing, you might think so. You might think there was no feasible way for Republicans and Democrats to work together on matters of public concern. But your conclusion would be a hasty one.
In 1984, Jim Martin and Rufus Edmisten were opponents in our state's gubernatorial election. As with any statewide election, it was a hard fought contest, but one that can provide lessons for today.
McCrory previewed his legislative agenda in a speech at the Hunt Institute's Holshouserhmc Legislators Retreat on Monday night, though he did not provide specific policy plans.
2012 was the year we finally admitted that, much like a ship that sails for days one degree off course, our country and our state are lost and spiritually sick.

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