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This week, I re-read a fabulously detailed biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Eric Metaxas. The book is titled BONHOEFFER. And I recommend it highly.
A thought occurred to me as I was traveling in and around the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. The notion didn't have to do with my location but was instead prompted by the lecture I was listening to on the way.
    Vicktor Frankel's "Man's Search for Meaning" was a book I read as I majored in Psychology at Emory. He was a prisoner of the Nazis.
Well, we had about six or so feminazis standing outside the governor's mansion on Monday waving signs and hollering. Gov. Pat's team thought it would be funny to take them some cookies.
During World War II, the Nazis stole 22 million works of art. Those works included great masterpieces of European painting, sculpture, literature, and music. But a small group called Monuments Men worked to track down...

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