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Local media and leftist blogs are drenched in outrage over House Bill 2, which was known as "the Bathroom Bill" until they figured out they needed to focus attention about it somewhere else.
Remember when anything anti-Clinton was deemed the product of a vast right-wing conspiracy? Well I just had a flash: Donald Trump running for the Republican nomination exists because of a vast LEFT-WING conspiracy.
If we want North Carolina to grow and develop robustly, we have to raise taxes and use the money to "invest" in education, Medicaid, infrastructure, and other public services
Lefties like to paint those of us on the right,who resist the dark side, as bigots. But they should take a good hard look at themselves.
It was natural to include unions in the Mapping the Left website. They are the quintessential leftist political machine. With virtually unlimited bank accounts, thanks to mandatory membership and dues, more lawyers than one would care to count, and the best community organizing structure...
The U.S. Department of Education has issued a testing compliance ultimatum to several states, including North Carolina, and the ultimatum includes the threat of legal action. This activity is tied to controversial re-authorization of No Child Left Behind, known as Every School Succeeds Act (ESSA).
Few political promises are as common as this one: "My policies will create jobs."
Four-year universities in the United States are gaining a reputation for forcing left wing viewpoints on their students. Blatant examples of indoctrination such as the University of Delaware's residential life program often attract a great deal of attention when exposed.
Last night, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted against the Conference Report to S. 1177, Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, which extends No Child Left Behind (NCLB) programs and big-government education. The Conference Report passed 359 to 64. Congressman Jones voted against the House...
This phenomenon has been spreading across the country - from campus to campus - whipping up a liberal frenzy just in time for election season. The developments have me drawing comparisons to George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm''.
America's first Socialist President, Barrack Hussein Obama, did announce today, November 6, 2015, that he would use executive fiat to kill any chance of the Keystone Pipeline.
If you're a frequent visitor to Mapping the Left (mappingtheleft.com) you have watched the website go through a transformation in the last few weeks. The look is new and mappingtheleft.com has been redesigned with advanced capabilities. You will notice faster and more powerful, yet simple...
At the start of the fall semester, a freshman student at UNC-Chapel Hill gave the syllabus for ENG 72: Literature of 9/11 a cursory look and, perceiving an anti-American bias, brought it to the attention of the College Fix, a conservative website. It then received a considerable amount of...
That's right. You read it correctly. Leftist strategist Thomas Mills is praising the work of new Republican speaker Tim Moore
It can be very difficult to grasp or visualize the vastness of the network of left-wing groups in North Carolina. But one way to start is with the key group on the left, the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation - and the family that dominates it.
We've provided extensive coverage of the political drama around the state Sea Level Rise (SLR) panel and its revision - mandated by the GOP majority in the legislature - of the projected sea level rise on the North Carolina coast.
In North Carolina, left-wing nonprofit advocacy groups for decades have wielded an alarming amount of power in the media, state politics, and government. They work together, both in loose coalitions and organized networks, to influence and control public policy.
Renee Ellmers (Ellmers for Congress)Salon's Joan Walsh leaped into the breach today to defend the honor of our very own Big GovtBarbie.
Lefties across the state and country are giggling mercilessly over the bad publicity being doled out against the UNC-Chapel Hill athletics department.
Left-liberals may dominate universities in the United States, but another kind of liberal--the classical liberal--is finding its way into the fray.
The US Supreme Court is acting incredibly sensible these days. One of their latest decisions, the Hobby Lobby case, offered up some protections for employers dealing with the ObamaCare atrocity being shoved down their throats.
Duke Energy officials unsuccessfully urged state lawmakers to reconsider mandatory deadlines for cleaning up coal ash ponds around the state, and an environmental researcher agrees that arbitrary timelines could affect the utility's ability to recycle safely leftover materials stored in 33 ash...
What are Kay Hagan's positions on energy issues? It depends on the audience and whether or not it's an election year.
I have never known a book author to give a critical review an A grade, which would amount to saying, "Yes, my work was entirely off base." Professor Lazere writes that he would give my review only a "C" but I don't think his reply above shows my analysis to have been erroneous in any way...
My thanks to George Leef for his April 23 review of my book Why Higher Education SHOULD Have a Leftist Bias. I brought the book to his attention with a copy of an open letter to the officials of several conservative scholarly organizations including the Pope Center, reiterating the appeal in my...
There's an old newsroom adage that if a dog bites a man, it's not news, but if a man bites a dog, it is. For those who don't understand this musty aphorism, it means that something being unusual greatly adds to its newsworthiness.
A widely held view in the national press and certainly among academics is that we've come a long way in overcoming prejudice. Presumably we're now more open to a wider variety of opinions than ever before.
We get a lot of lip service from lefties about the importance of respecting minorities and the minority opinion.
During the 1990s, North Carolina's public schools posted some of the strongest performance gains in the country on independent reading and math tests. Democrats and Republicans took pride in the accomplishment and vied for the credit. Over the past decade, however, the trend has been markedly...
Leftists want you to believe that the results show America loves Barry Obama. The media wants you to believe The Tea Party was soundly rejected. What was the real takeaway from Tuesday?
I worked on Capitol Hill for the late Senator Jesse Helms during his early-90s campaign to defund The National Endowment For The Arts.
In the classroom, nothing beats a good teacher. Abundant research affirms teacher quality as the most significant in-school predictor of student achievement. Teachers know they have the power to leave a profound imprint on the minds of students; for many, this core belief shapes their choice of...
As North Carolina schools crank up for another year, the de facto teachers union (NCAE) and its media lackeys continue to bash Republicans with outright lies and disinformation.
A memorable example dates back to March 4, 1999, when the governing board of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the results of national reading exams. They showed that North Carolina was one of only five states that posted significant gains in 4th-grade reading...
McClatchy and WRAL try oh-so-hard to convince us that Moral Monday is an honest-to-God grassroots uprising. *Folks are standing up against the state's slide into fascist totalitarianism.*
Well, the US Supreme Court has stripped key provisions out of the federal Defense of Marriage Act - which kept the feds from paying benefits to "married" gay couples.
Charlotte Mayor Redd Foxx is movin' on up -- just like The Jeffersons and The Clampetts.
In a previous article, I highlighted questionable assumptions underlying national Common Core Standards (CCS) in English and mathematics, which in 2010 were adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education.
A requirement for voters to show ID at the polls, and special licensing for non-citizens would appear to be no-brainers for the state GOP after winning an overwhelming majority and mandate in 2012.
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