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Could it be that Higher Education's big problem is the use of the word "Higher".
Would you be upset if all your life you have been one thing but now you are are told you are not what you have always been?
Subject to minor changes before final printing, in case of indictment of HRC.
He Won't be With Us For Very Much Longer But He Looks So Healthy!
This plan is certainly a foolproof plan but it may be Foolishness. It's for you to decide.
Driving without a license at my age is apparently another benefit of medicare. My doctor told me so.
Why Is It I Am The Only One To See The Obvious?
Whether we know it or not Wal-Mart is controlling us & there is nothing we can do about it.
Another thorny issue solved by me. You are very welcome.
Be sure to read all the way through because the Big Thing is not the Big Thing you are thinking it is.
Smokey The Bear Was Looking Right At Me, Therefore, I Know He Blamed Me!
It's like the Kennedy Assassination ... I remember where I was.
The Senate calls itself, The World's Greatest Deliberative Body...But Is It?
Why we name our children what we name them is impossible to explain but I'll try.
The 1962 TV Show Car 54 was one of the first to find men and police humorous. The days of father knows best were numbered but you could not yet hear women roar.
As you might suspect every activity within a gated community is covered by written and legally binding covenants, which are recorded in the County Office. I have run afoul several times of these very often-specific rules.
I almost hate to offer this edition of Christmas songs, but humor is always a great picker-upper this time of year.
James Gregory is in a class all by himself...his humor transcends all barriers: social, economic, racial or whatever...
The details of the trip are not important but I am happy to report that I did not come back broke.
Red McDonald sent me this tip and I could not help but pass it on.
With the November elections just around the corner, late night television comedians are cranking up the political jokes. How far public opinion might swayed by the humor targeting politicians is the subject of a new book by East Carolina University political science professors Jody Baumgartner and J
A Blonde Joke that You'veT Never Heard Before - Three Wishes - Cheap Suits - Copper Wire & Communication
A big part of getting old gracefully is live life well.
The inane of overbearing governments and the humor of paraprosdokians are provided by our friend Gene.
Just a few more funny stories and low tales from our friend, Gene, which is our way of saying: "Have a good day."
Life's messages made funny ... at least to some folks.
Here we have a variety of Golf Stories, tales and cartoons that may tickle your fancy if you are an avid golfer, or to just remind you why you no longer play.
Just a few more funny stories and low tales from our friend, Gene, which is our way of saying: "Have a good day."
Our friend Gene has sent us another group of interesting stories. A little humor helps us to muddle through.
More Holy Humor, or Part II from our friend Gene.
Another raft of laugh along with Gene stories ...
Here below is a compilation of humorous contributions about religion from our friend, Gene Scarborough.
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