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College officials should be praised when they curtail wasteful spending, but when they cut the budget by eliminating core educational programs, they deserve public scorn
The Department of Education recently proposed new regulations to punish colleges that attract students with misleading claims.
In a typical week, I get four or five inquiries from media relating to some higher education issue
Four classically liberal professors and an economist named Adam Smith walk into a room. No, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke; it was the first event of the Classical Liberals in the Carolinas conference held last week at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte
One thing I've learned in my years of teaching in the U.S. is that many young Americans are moral relativists. As students in elementary and secondary schools, they were taught that there is no moral fact of the matter
Could it be that Higher Education's big problem is the use of the word "Higher".
East Carolina University's College of Education is recruiting 54 paid tutoring positions in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM
Recent studies reveal a disturbing trend in higher education: colleges, both private and public, are increasingly devoting a significant amount of time and money to public relations.
On the surface, Pokémon Go players appear to be zombified millennials walking aimlessly, eyes fixed on their cellphones
Politics is on many people's minds this year, so this is a good time to write about that topic
Last month I looked at Hillary Clinton's higher education proposals in this Clarion Call, and found nothing to praise in them. They merely deepen the already ruinous federal involvement in subsidizing college.
In 2013, North Carolina stopped giving automatic pay raises to public school teachers who earn master's degrees
What I have observed is that students are increasingly being fed climate change advocacy as a surrogate for becoming climate science literate. This makes them easy targets for the climate alarmism that pervades America today.
I am about to begin my freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I recently attended college orientation.
Seemingly, nothing now stands between Hillary Clinton and the Democratic nomination, so it's worth looking anew at her proposals regarding higher education
The Joyner Library at East Carolina University set a new record for attendance with more than one million visits in the past academic year
A federal bill that would require colleges and universities to provide applicants information about the costs and returns of higher education was approved on Monday by the U.S. House of Representatives.
Mark Twain's famous quip about the rumors of his demise applies to the private higher education lending industry
Ever since the 2008 financial crash, American business schools have been reeling from criticism. There is a widespread feeling that the financial meltdown was caused by graduates of elite business schools who created fortunes through hedge funds, derivatives, and other financial tricks
The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) advises trustees and alumni about higher education issues, identifies "oases of [educational] excellence," and examines graduation requirements at various colleges to answer the question "What Will They Learn?"
The Council of State unanimously approved a resolution today for the issuance and sale of $200 million in bonds to support the Connect NC investments in our state's education, parks, National Guard, and water and sewer infrastructure
Every semester during my thirteen years of teaching at a liberal arts college, several senior year students would approach me and ask if I "knew of any jobs out there."
The May 6 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education contains two illuminating and rather unexpected articles
When Bernie Sanders proposed free tuition at public colleges and universities, Hillary Clinton responded with her rival plan, The New College Compact
Today, in an interview with POLITICO, former ACLU lobbyist Deborah Ross sought to promote her college affordability tour
The American higher education establishment suffers from the same problem as ruling establishments everywhere-the inability to look objectively at itself
Eight states currently allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on all public college campuses. In Utah, campus carry has been on the books for a decade
Recently I coached a bright high school senior on how to get his college admission essay into shape
The North Carolina Community College System is poised to become a national leader in career and college readiness
Looking back at all that happened in higher education this year is enough to make your head spin. One minute, state politicians are finally making good policies; the next, university officials are caving to irrational demands
Over a long teaching career, I have seen a lot of change in our colleges and universities-some of it good, but much of it not. In the not-good category I would put the decline of our commitment to educate our young people for American citizenship
A few years ago, I went back to school. I was in my 60s and nearing retirement as president of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
Beginning in the 1960s, a movement developed in academia with the aim of transforming scholarly pursuits into instruments of social change
As medieval Europeans placed their hope for salvation in the church and donated vast sums for the construction of splendidly ornate cathedrals, many modern Americans place their hope for a future better world in higher education and give accordingly
The increased use of non-tenure track faculty by universities has drawn condemnation from many entrenched in the seniority system, but critics may be ignoring the more complex realities and distinctive needs of 21st Century higher education.
I have spent nearly twenty years teaching at the City University of New York and to keep my job I have had no choice but to pay dues to CUNY's faculty union, the Professional Staff Congress (PSC).
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