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With fewer than 90 days before the November 8th elections it is fitting to consider who can and will vote and what can be done to encourage voter turnout
North Carolina's public employees retirement system is underfunded, bled more than $2 billion in red ink in the most recent 12-month period reported, and is outperformed by most other states, data show
A top election law adviser to legislative leaders suggests the U.S. Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts could have a decision fairly quickly on whether to delay an order by an appeals court striking down North Carolina's voter ID law
Over the last six years, bold, courageous North Carolina leaders have been willing to take risks, push the envelope, and offer unlimited opportunities for education freedom, for financial security, and for transformational reforms
Try something new? I'm all for it. But whether you are talking about changing your diet, changing your career, or changing your government's public policy, it's often a good idea to proceed in stages.
Unlike tenure contract provisions, magistrate raises are based on service time and can be suspended by NCGA.
The 2016 N.C. legislative session was short, but full of significant action: limiting the growth of government, cutting taxes, paying down debt, building savings, raising teacher pay by almost 5 percent, protecting property rights, and continuing the momentum toward economic growth
There are many reasons for North Carolinians to be proud of the statewide education reforms implemented over the last five years.
Legal analysts have given the opinion by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturning North Carolina's election reform law, including its voter ID requirement, mixed reviews.
The Wake County Board of Elections will revert to using the maps that were in place in 2011 for this year's school board and county commissioner elections, a federal judge has ruled.
Proponents of Charlotte's controversial "bathroom" ordinance - including the city's attorney - claim that stripping a 1985 facilities privacy provision from the city code was of no consequence.
As Democrats and Republicans actively contest North Carolina's governorship, U.S. Senate seat, and 15 electoral votes for president this fall, don't expect them to ignore other races on the ballot
Even though N.C. legislators left Raleigh on July 1, much earlier than in recent memory, the General Assembly had enough time to enact positive policy reforms
The N.C. General Assembly's 2016-17 short session is over, the legislature has adjourned, and everyone is back in his or her district - either planning retirement or campaigning
In 2009, the General Assembly passed a law prohibiting online bullying of juveniles. The rarely-used law recently was struck down as unconstitutional, with the N.C. Supreme Court holding that the poorly worded law violates First Amendment free-speech rights
The words "ambitious state budget" must test well in polls and focus groups
While the Wake County Board of Elections voted along party lines to appeal a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling throwing out local school board and county commissioner districts, state legislative leaders are fighting to get back in as defendants in the case
State Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph, said the Senate will push again in the next legislative session to pass a constitutional amendment lowering the cap on the personal income tax rate from 10 percent to 5.5 percent.
Managed-lane opponents in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties aren't giving up after hearing the news that the Senate will allow the General Assembly to adjourn without taking up House Bill 954, a measure canceling the Interstate 77 high-occupancy or toll lanes project
An effort to cap the state income tax rate was removed quietly from the Senate's calendar on Wednesday, one day after that body's Finance Committee gave the proposed change to the N.C. Constitution a thumbs up
Based on recent events, and lots of recent handwringing, you might think so. You might think there was no feasible way for Republicans and Democrats to work together on matters of public concern. But your conclusion would be a hasty one.
Brian Floyd, president of Vidant Medical Center, has been confirmed to serve a five year membership appointment to the North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM)
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved 31 grant and loan requests totaling $10,433,899. The requests include commitments to create a total of 622 new jobs.
State Senator Bill Cook (R-District 1) voted today in support of the Senate version of the state budget, which cuts taxes, controls the growth of government spending, bolsters the state's savings, and dramatically increases teacher pay.
As the General Assembly continues to work through the 2016-17 budget, part of the final package should build on the tax reforms first implemented in 2011
Three years ago, Robbie and Caroline Delaney quit their jobs to become full-time rum distillers
The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Kellie Fiedorek regarding North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's lawsuit filed Monday against the U.S. Department of Justice concerning the state's student privacy law, known as HB2.
Most of our state's 16 public universities are thriving but the UNC Board of Governors and our General Assembly continue to look for solutions at struggling campuses in smaller communities and those with larger minority enrollments.
One of the architects of North Carolina's recent tax reforms wants to lower the maximum rate of personal income tax allowed by the state constitution
If the General Assembly approves State Treasurer Janet Cowell's request for more flexibility in how it invests the state's pension plan, North Carolina's investment in real estate could be among the largest in the nation.
In an April decision, the state's highest court held that the General Assembly had violated the U.S. Constitution when it stripped teachers of tenure protection
On Monday afternoon the Charlotte City Council pulled discussion of a possible repeal of its nondiscrimination ordinance, which included a controversial provision allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify
Gov. Pat McCrory, General Assembly leadership, and Republican congressional members condemned the letter from Obama's Departments of Education and Justice threatening local school districts with possible loss of federal funding if they don't conform to federal rules regarding transgender students an
"My problem," the notoriously reckless actor Errol Flynn was once reported to have quipped, "lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income."
Is there any way for the opposing sides debating North Carolina's House Bill 2 to move beyond the current impasse? The odds may be against it
Last week I discussed and endorsed the idea that, instead of trying to create a consumption tax by abolishing the income tax and reforming the sales tax, North Carolina should instead use the existing apparatus of the income tax to accomplish that same goal.
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