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Fear of gang violence helped pass the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. That law curbed the use of the infamous sub-machine gun, silencers and the like
Governor Pat McCrory was joined by veterans, active duty military members and legislators at the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs today as he signed legislation to support veterans in North Carolina
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement on the death of Captain Bradley Long
Smokey The Bear Was Looking Right At Me, Therefore, I Know He Blamed Me!
On Tuesday, May 31, the first cohort of students graduated from Beaufort County Community College's fire academy
Amid blinking lights, shattering glass and thumping helicopter blades, adrenaline was pumping at the Winterville Fire-Rescue-EMS station April 9 as students from the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University joined first responders for a mock disaster exercise.
Every year, my organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), issues its annual Spotlight on Speech Codes report in which we rate the speech codes of more than 400 of the largest and most prestigious colleges and universities in America using a red, yellow, and green light s
In the last few years, the rights of students in North Carolina universities have received some significant new protections
I have an old musket in my trophy room from my dad's family. It hung in the basement of our house all my life. After my parents passed, my brother hung it in his garage for a few years. It eventually ended up in my son's collection. It came back to me after he a few years when my son sold his hou
Governor Pat McCrory is thanking the state's first responders for the risks they take every day to keep North Carolina safe.
On March 18, 2015 at approximately 2:18 a.m, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office received a report of a fire at an abandoned residence on Durham Creek Road near the intersection of Core Point Road. Firefighters with Blounts Creek and Aurora Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the scene...
On February 23 around 9 am Washington Police responded to an armed robbery of Washington Coins and Pawn located at 828 Washington Plaza.
The university where I teach, George Mason University (GMU), has a speech code which purports to regulate the speech of students in the interest of civility and educational values.
The Durham gun owner registry may have been repealed during the short session of the General Assembly, but gun advocates remain uneasy about the fate of the personal (and public) records of those who registered firearms.
My title has two meanings. The first is that, since the 1980s at least, what calls itself literary criticism has consisted largely of abstract theory, less concerned with literature than with itself.
This Saturday, Chocowinity Fire Dept. is having theirSpring Heat Car and Truck Show!
Governor Pat McCrory announced a plan today that would address coal ash ponds and strengthen environmental and health regulations.
I am writing to reassure you that there is no connection whatsoever between the Civitas Institute and a newspaper chain that reportedly was planning to create a nationwide database of people with legal permits to carry concealed firearms.
Volunteer firefighters from several local volunteer fire departments received two days of training earlier this month sponsored by Beaufort County Community College on fighting a liquified petroleum gas fire.
Reforms in education, regulation, and the state tax code all generated bigger headlines. But the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is publicizing another accomplishment from the 2013 session of the N.C. General Assembly. Robert Shibley, senior vice president of FIRE, discussed the...
The Volunter EMS.org Directory reports that across the country, there are thousands of organizations that rely on volunteers to answer the call every single day. Some are called emergency medical services (EMS) or perhaps first aid or rescue squads.
Dr. Jeffrey Ferguson was having a quiet summer afternoon recently when a call came in on his radio. A person had called 9-1-1 reporting that a female relative in her 80s was complaining of stroke-like symptoms. The caller was in a nearby neighborhood.
Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. will establish a new manufacturing facility in Rockingham County.
Lee Chevrolet is sponsoring a Pre 1988 Best Old Classic Car Contest Thursday, July 4, 2013 on Stewart Parkway in Washington, NC.
On February 20, 2013 at approximately 10:00 pm, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office received a report of an assault with shots fired at a residence on Cherry Road in Washington, NC.
Much has been reported, of recent, regarding President/Candidate Barack Obama's unscripted comments, while campaigning over the past weekend, revealing his limited understanding of the creation of capital, of jobs, and the very core of what drives America's capitalist economy.
During President Obama's much-criticized "you didn't build that" speech last month in Roanoke, Va., his main point seemed to be that if you are successful in business you didn't do it alone.
Recently President Obama, speaking in Roanoke, Va., commented, "If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
Angels n' Camo was founded by Lisa Adams. Angels n' Camo was founded to honor the memory of Mr. Henry Ball. Ever since Lisa can remember, Mr. Henry has been a part of her life.
Adam Christopher Simpkins, 26, of 301 Washington St., Washington, NC, was sentenced April 29 in United States District Court for Possession of Firearm by Felon.
Around 3:30 pm Washington Police, Fire, and EMS responded to the Havens Gardens boat ramp in response to a possible drowning.
It is a generally accepted proposition, except in some government bureaucracies, that clearly incompetent employees should be removed from the organization.
Another wildfire sparked by lightening, on June 19, 2011, has affected North Carolina. The wildfire in Pender County's Holly Shelter Gamelands, Juniper Road and County Line Road, and 8 miles North of Topsail is continuing to burn out of control.
Containment of the fire has been slowly increasing, although it still holds a potential threat of growing, yet again. In little over a month, the Pains Bay fire has gone from 80% contained and having effected 25,678 acres to now being 95% contained and has almost doubled.
Celebrating 100 years in Washington, enjoy the additional communitywide events and support our vendors and local merchants.
On May 19, 2011 at approximately 9:23 a.m., the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a structure fire on Jack’s Street in Mimosa Mobile Home Park in Washington. Deputies and fire fighters responded to the location to find an uninhabited singlewide home in flames.
his past week has filled several North Carolina counties with smoke produced from the Pains Bay wildfire in Dare/ Hyde County.
Adam Christopher Simpkins, 26, of 301 Washington St., Washington, NC, was sentenced April 29 in United States District Court for Possession of Firearm by Felon.
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