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From revelations that FBI field offices sought a corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation to reports that Cheryl Mills did work on behalf of the foundation while serving as Clinton's top aide at the State Department
The head of the FBI has characterized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as "extremely careless" in handling sensitive - even classified - information on her private email server when she led the U.S. State Department
On Monday, in the midst of her presidential campaign complete with her claims of "short circuiting" and continued deception regarding the FBI's email probe, the Democratic Party's presidential heir apparent found herself the defendant in a federal court case
I borrow mightily from Don Mclean's resonate metaphor at the nexus of his classic anthem "American Pie", when I beg you to notice the abrupt change in the national wind, a noxious air; so foul that it may forever stain the fabric of our once mighty Republic.
Republican state auditor candidate and former FBI special agent Chuck Stuber says he was puzzled that the agency's investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private email server
Congressman Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, was visibly upset with Attorney General Loretta Lynch over what she told the lawmakers responsible for oversight of her office and the Department of Justice.
This was another successful week for Senator Burr as the Senate, and later the House, passed key legislation he sponsored that will help North Carolina veterans as well as other veterans throughout the country
After a months-long and unresolved battle with Apple, the FBI has developed a work-around to gain access to the iPhone left behind by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino attack which killed 14 people and wounded 22 others
Forget the stories that Hillary has the Democrat nomination sewed up, and Socialist Bernie is just spinning his political wheels because her Democrat coronation is in place because of the party scam of Super Delegates, Hillary's Democrat nomination is far from certain.
FBI agent, John Douglas helped develop psychological profiling techniques.
Criminal Justice students at Beaufort County Community College had an opportunity this week to learn from Al Powell, a 30-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
For the rest of us, who understand principled truth, Hillary has a rough road ahead, and, possibly, she did herself a great disservice in her FBI investigation, which may become a criminal investigation at some point for many reasons; too numerous to mention here.
The much heralded Investigation of the Terrorist Attack resumes today, with Hillary B. Clinton testifying before the Benghazi Select Committee.
Hillary B. Clinton, and her husband, Bill, according to her, have long been the political victims of the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy', and never more now as Obama's Department of Justice seeks her infamously scrubbed server.
North Carolina's reputation as a "clean government" state has suffered in recent years, with a host of high-profile arrests of public officials on corruption charges. The latest came March 26, when Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on charges of taking a bribe from a federal agent...
The House Oversight Committee, who are also charged with discovering the truth on countless other scandals, which have swamped the incredible Barack Hussein Obama presidency, are tasked with the responsibility to accomplish this unenviable feat to know who is ultimately responsible.
Is North Carolina staging a "Carolina Comeback" or plunging into a dark abyss? What is the state of our state? Politico Magazine recently published an article, "The States of our Union....Are Not All Strong," that attempts to answer that question.
A new state audit slams a former child care provider for setting up a front company to avoid sanctions.
Many Americans have known for a long time that the IRS is a rogue agency that will readily break the law to accomplish its "mission."
Today, Governor Pat McCrory named top leaders in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's law enforcement division, including the Colonel of the State Highway Patrol, the Director of Alcohol Law Enforcement and the State Capitol Police Chief.
The Director of the FBI called him in one day and told him he was assigning him to clean up the politics of the most corrupt state in the nation. The agent immediately assumed he was being sent to Chicago. He was shocked when the Director told him his new assignment would be in North Carolina.

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