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College officials should be praised when they curtail wasteful spending, but when they cut the budget by eliminating core educational programs, they deserve public scorn
The Department of Education recently proposed new regulations to punish colleges that attract students with misleading claims.
In a typical week, I get four or five inquiries from media relating to some higher education issue
Four classically liberal professors and an economist named Adam Smith walk into a room. No, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke; it was the first event of the Classical Liberals in the Carolinas conference held last week at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte
One thing I've learned in my years of teaching in the U.S. is that many young Americans are moral relativists. As students in elementary and secondary schools, they were taught that there is no moral fact of the matter
Chasing June bugs, examining abandoned mud dauber nests and collecting tree droppings highlighted the first few hours of a weeklong East Carolina University summer institute for elementary school science teachers
Chasing June bugs, examining abandoned mud dauber nests and collecting tree droppings highlighted the first few hours of a weeklong East Carolina University summer institute for elementary school science teachers.
The State Board of Elections today established a special filing period for all single-member district contests for Wake County Board of Education, beginning tomorrow
Students start fall classes at Beaufort County Community College on August 16. Students will arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. for classes. At 10:00 a.m. students will be treated to a Welcome Back Bash between Buildings 1 and 9 with free drinks and snacks
Sign up now for Yoga, Carolina Shag Dancing and Golf Fundamentals Classes
During her primary fight with Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton argued that his "free college" promise went too far. Now, however, Clinton has come out with a plan to make public colleges and universities free for families who earn less than $125,000 annually.
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interact with undergraduate and doctoral students at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education
North Carolina ranks No. 19 overall and is rising among all states when combining economic and personal freedoms, according to a major national report released today that used more than 230 variables to set the rankings.
The State Board of Education's Aug. 4 decision to reject five of the 13 charter school applications that were earlier this year approved by the N.C. Charter School Advisory Board led to a resolution of protest from the advisory board.
There are many reasons for North Carolinians to be proud of the statewide education reforms implemented over the last five years.
Could it be that Higher Education's big problem is the use of the word "Higher".
The current legislative session has been hailed in most quarters as a success, yet much remains to be done
What if the conventional wisdom about education in North Carolina were exactly backwards, and it was Republicans who have been more generous in funding our state's schools
I would feel better about the future if I knew what was going to happen.
Republican Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper are both opponents of excessive and duplicative standardized testing. Surveys suggest that parents, teachers, and administrators believe that "over-testing" is a problem
Despite the claims of some, North Carolina is not a "net exporter of teachers."
Teacher education will be a hot-button issue in North Carolina's gubernatorial race this year. Democrats accuse Republicans of disrespecting the teaching profession and thus discouraging college-bound students from pursuing education as a course of study
The following classes are available through the Continuing Education Department at BCCC
Latino parents and students interested in finding out more about programs available at Beaufort County Community College are invited to Latino Family Night on Thursday, August 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Building 10 Multi-purpose Room
Thirteen graduates of Beaufort County Community College's Practical Nursing program received their nursing school pins Thursday, July 14 in a ceremony which is a traditional rite of passage for nursing school graduates across the country
East Carolina University's College of Education is recruiting 54 paid tutoring positions in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM
Recent studies reveal a disturbing trend in higher education: colleges, both private and public, are increasingly devoting a significant amount of time and money to public relations.
On the surface, Pokémon Go players appear to be zombified millennials walking aimlessly, eyes fixed on their cellphones
Politics is on many people's minds this year, so this is a good time to write about that topic
Last month I looked at Hillary Clinton's higher education proposals in this Clarion Call, and found nothing to praise in them. They merely deepen the already ruinous federal involvement in subsidizing college.
In 2013, North Carolina stopped giving automatic pay raises to public school teachers who earn master's degrees
What I have observed is that students are increasingly being fed climate change advocacy as a surrogate for becoming climate science literate. This makes them easy targets for the climate alarmism that pervades America today.
I am about to begin my freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I recently attended college orientation.
Seemingly, nothing now stands between Hillary Clinton and the Democratic nomination, so it's worth looking anew at her proposals regarding higher education
The mainstream media and pundits on both sides of the aisle focus an extraordinary amount of time and energy examining public school funding
The North Carolina Community College System's new president, James C. "Jimmie" Williamson, says that his first 90 days in office will be filled with homework and field trips as he learns about interests and needs of the NCCCS
Martin Community College was at increased risk of fraud and its true financial picture was clouded because it lacked proper controls over financial reporting that resulted in a series of accounting errors, based on an audit of the 2014-15 school year by the Office of State Auditor
Over the past two years, North Carolina has improved 18-spots in Wallet Hub's rankings of the quality of education in all 50 states, breaking through to the top-20 best schools in the country
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