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The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today released the following statement on Hillary Clinton's economic speech
Even if you've never had any interest in doing it yourself, you should want North Carolina to be a great place to start a new business.
Much political debate in recent years has focused on income inequality in the United States and what, if anything, the federal government ought to do about it
Since 2001 Americans have been focused on the danger of radical Islamic terrorism. Samuel Huntington calls the current conflict part of a broader "clash of civilizations," one in which al-Qaida, ISIS, and others wish to destroy our culture and ideas
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that North Carolina ended the fiscal year with strong revenue growth, meaning business tax rates will be lower in 2017.
The federal government has just released another set of economic statistics - and they again show North Carolina has one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States
Although the debate about education policy is robust, complicated, and sometimes vitriolic, there is actually broad agreement about the bottom line
A few weeks ago I went camping with some fellow members of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Young Americans for Liberty chapter
Today, The Pat McCrory Committee released a new web ad contrasting recent positive economic news under Governor McCrory with Roy Cooper's high-tax, big government and job-killing agenda
Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) has won the 'Fiscal Hero' award from Campaign to Fix the Debt, a nonpartisan organization focused on putting America on a better fiscal and economic path
Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) urged the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council (SAFMC) to consider several changes to management of Atlantic cobia
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that for the second year in a row, North Carolina ranks first in the nation on a closely watched measurement of state business competitiveness
As the 2016 general election unfolds in North Carolina, you should expect to hear a lot about how the state's economy has fared under Republican governance in Raleigh.
Some people dream of going into business for themselves. Even if you aren't one of them, you should be rooting for many of these dreamers to succeed
Do you wonder why political adversaries seem so often to talk past each other rather than produce useful debate on important issues? One reason is that, in many cases, they really aren't talking about the same things.
During the "Budget Battle of 1995-1996," which caused a shutdown of much of the federal government for 27 days, I was a freelance reporter for New Jersey's second biggest newspaper.
The rhetorical case for renewable energy seems, at its core, to be this: Why rely on traditional sources that burn expensive energy and emit carbon dioxide when you can replace them with energy freely provided by nature that emits nothing?
Freedom plays a critical role in boosting economic growth and personal income, including the incomes of the poorest members of society
In recent weeks, conservative legal scholar Kurt Lash and libertarian legal scholar Damon Root have treated readers to a lively online debate about how best to interpret Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, which reads
Is civic literacy a 21st-century skill? The answer is a resounding "yes" from lawmakers intent on combating widespread student ignorance about the form and function of American government.
This holiday used to be a day to do something special for the one you love -- today it is a moneymaking event for retailers and the government alike. The National Retail Federation hosts an annual Valentine's Day Survey that focuses on what people will spend their money on for the holiday...
There is a proposition in public choice economics called the "special interest effect." It basically argues that government grows because, for most government programs, there are concentrated beneficiaries and diffused cost bearers. What this means is that the benefits of government programs will...
Although the gap between Republicans and Democrats in North Carolina is rather wide on a number of issues - tax policy, Medicaid expansion, and campaign-finance laws come to mind - there are still some prospects for bipartisan cooperation in 2015 and beyond.
Correct ideas are not always popular ones. I freely admit that most North Carolinians favor increasing the legal minimum wage, through either congressional or legislative action. Supporters believe that it will help workers rise out of poverty...
I have had the advantage of having degrees in both biology and English. I know how each is taught, and the requirements of each.
When I'm not reading public-policy tomes for work or escapist science fiction for play, any book you'll find in my hands will probably be a work of history.
Mention Duke and UNC in the same breath and almost everyone thinks about intense rivalry. While that's true in sports, it is not true in academics.
Do you think your taxes are too high? Would like a tax break? Well, some NC legislators are happy to give you a big tax break – if you are a big Hollywood film studio.
President Obama has announced that, through executive order, he will be changing the rules regarding which employees have to be given overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week. Under current regulations, all hourly employees who work more than 40 hours must be paid...
I enjoyed listening to Ronald Reagan as much as I did Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama --- all excellent orators and clear points on issues.
In his State of the Union address, President Obama proposed raising the minimum wage from its current $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour, a 40 percent increase. A number of dumb arguments have been made both for and against the increase.
Left-wing politicians, activists, and ideologues are desperate to stop and reverse North Carolina's free-market renaissance. They aspire to unseat conservative leaders, invalidate conservative ideas, and repeal conservative reforms.
Regulatory policy is about striking a proper balance. Virtually no one disagrees with the propriety of government designing, promulgating, and enforcing...
Dr. Arthur Laffer, former economic advisor to President Reagan and commonly referred to as the father of supply-side economics sits down with Civitas to discuss how cuts in tax rates bring prosperity.
When reading that question, any one of several answers likely jumped into your mind. But one answer that I'm willing to bet occurred to none of you is: I work to pay taxes.
When the government shutdown was averted with the agreement on the Continuing Resolution, we heard claims of another "first" for the current administration; a reduction in spending.
You are in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. The evidence to support that contention is all around, but none more profound than Maureen Dowd's piece in the Sunday New York Times.
Here's some food for thought. The anointed one has proven without reservation that he is an outstanding fund raiser. (That makes two things that he is good at; the other is reading from Teleprompters.)
It is truly comforting to know that the Anointed One is turning to the creation of jobs - or do you suppose that is but more rhetoric intended to give him something that sounds good to talk about as he pursues his reelection bid (which has clearly already started)??
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