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The State Board of Elections today established a special filing period for all single-member district contests for Wake County Board of Education, beginning tomorrow
Republican Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper are both opponents of excessive and duplicative standardized testing. Surveys suggest that parents, teachers, and administrators believe that "over-testing" is a problem
The state Senate on Monday gave its initial approval to what Sen. Jerry Tillman called a "clean-up bill" for charter schools
Next week, the NC State Board of Education will discuss and likely approve the draft Consolidated Data Report for the 2014-15 school year. The report includes data on school crime and violence, suspensions, expulsions, corporal punishment, reassignments for disciplinary reasons, alternative...
Washington County resident Jean W. Woolard has joined the Beaufort County Community College Board of Trustees, becoming the first resident of that county to serve on the college's governing board.
The State Board of Education will consider again in February a proposal enabling failing traditional public schools to apply for an exemption easing some state regulations so they can operate more like charter schools.
A Superior Court judge ordered the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education to release previously undisclosed information about the circumstances surrounding the departure of a school superintendent in what media lawyer John Bussian said was "a big deal" for the public's right to know.
Legislation creating a state Office of Charter Schools and shifting management of those alternative public schools from the Department of Public Instruction to the State Board of Education has cleared the General Assembly and awaits Gov. Pat McCrory's signature.
The State Board of Education's decision to intervene in the affairs of the Halifax County Schools is hardly surprising. Decades of mismanagement and dysfunction have led to high teacher turnover rates and appalling student achievement outcomes.
In a 4-3 decision, the NC Supreme Court ruled that the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides vouchers to low-income families, is constitutional. Obviously I am pleased with the outcome, but I am even happier about the timing. The expected release date for the next batch of Supreme Court...
The N.C. State Board of Education will learn Wednesday details of a plan for helping public schools make better use of digital technology.
State Rep. Rob Bryan plans to introduce legislation creating a pilot program transforming as many as five perpetually failing elementary schools into charter-like entities under a new Achievement School District with its own superintendent.
This week the N.C. State Board of Education sent a letter to the Halifax County Board of Education declaring that state education officials
As state education officials consider changes to the state testing program, they will have to balance the need for accountability with the desire for autonomy. Are they on the right track?
Phil Kirk has seen nine N.C. governors in action, from his days as a student Republican Club leader, state senator, two-time cabinet chief, chief of staff to two governors and a U.S. senator, chairman of the State Board of Education, head of North Carolina's largest business group, lobbyist, and...
Governor McCrory issued the following statement after the release of the State Board of Education's 2013-2014 School Performance Grades for traditional public and charter schools.
Some members of the Wake County Board of Education have joined the list of education policymakers hoping to find the same flexibility for traditional public schools that charter schools enjoy, though some school choice supporters are suspicious of the board members' motives.
As part of her effort make healthy eating look cool, First Lady Michelle Obama recently posted of short video of herself dancing to a hip-hop song with a turnip in hand.
Governor McCrory has appointed Andre Peek of Wake County to the North Carolina Academic Standards Review Commission.
Standardized testing for public school students concluded last month, but the debate about the state's accountability system continues.
In February, I published a column titled, "Data Do Not Reflect Claims of Teacher Dissatisfaction," which pointed out that state and national data disagree with those who claim that the teaching profession is increasingly constrained and unhappy.
Recently, I have encountered folks who blame the N.C. General Assembly for introducing the Common Core State Standards to North Carolina.
Governor Umstead (pictured here) allowed the "Governor's Special Advisory Committee on Education" to respond to the Brown decision. Image courtesy of the State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina.
When the U.S. Supreme Court issued the Brown v. Board of Education decision, Umstead appointed a biracial committee to study the most effective way to accomplish integration in North Carolina schools.
The Guilford County Board of Education has voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina contesting the new law that replaces teacher tenure with term contracts plus a salary bonus.
Common Core is the new public school curriculum for reading and math, K-12. It specifies what should be taught at each grade level or in each course.
This week, the North Carolina State Board of Education will review school district alternatives to the third grade Read to Achieve assessments.
Last week the State Board of Education gave final approval to 26 new charter schools in North Carolina. The new schools are scheduled to open this fall.
On Tuesday, December 17th, the NC General Assembly Common Core Study Committee held its first public hearing to address Common Core. I attended, as well as other activists and Tea Party leaders all across the state.
What we know about North Carolina's implementation of the Common Core State Standards has changed since the John Locke Foundation released 35 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians in April 2013.
It should be noted before going any further that the law on teacher tenure was changed by the Legislature to eliminate "career status" or tenure.
It has been nearly three years since the left-leaning Center for American Progress published a superb report, Return on Educational Investment: A District-by-District Evaluation of U.S. Educational Productivity.
A week before each monthly NC State Board of Education (SBE) meeting, state board staff post an agenda and meeting materials on the board's meeting website.
At their regular monthly meeting on November 25, 2013 the Beaufort County Board of Education heard a report from Superintendent Don Phipps as well as comments from Paul Varcoe during the Public Comment section of the agenda on the hotly debate issue of the "Common Core."
Remember when debates over educational standards were "wonky" (read: boring) discussions of goals for student learning? Unfortunately, those days are long gone.
Have you ever gotten a cringe-worthy progress report or report card from your child's school? Just about every parent will have this experience at least once. If the grade isn't what you expected or wanted, do you blame the school for sending you the report card? Of course not. Like it or not...
Just five months after releasing a report that outlined key questions surrounding new Common Core public school education standards, the John Locke Foundation has revised and expanded the report - nearly doubling the number of questions answered.
Many would consider it bad enough that a majority of the Wake County Board of Education last week approved an ethics policy that could be manipulated or abused to hammer political opponents on the board publicly. But the rest of the story, as radio commentator Paul Harvey famously said, would...
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