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We should continue to use caution when traveling as we could receive another one-half inch of rain and many culverts are plugged or flow is reduced and standing water can cause hydroplaning in vehicles.
The immediate news is not so good. A Flood Watch basically indicates conditions are at a point that flooding could begin with the next heavy shower that comes into Beaufort County.
Weather at a glance for today and Saturday through Sunday: Hot (80 to 90 degrees); Humid (70% to 90%); Precipitation (Often); Amount (Varying 2 -3 inches).
Let's keep this simple! Tomorrow afternoon and evening (between 3:00pm through 11:00pm) severe thunderstorms, with damaging straight line winds in excess of 60mph, hail, torrential rain and large quantities of cloud to ground lightning are possible anywhere in Beaufort County.
The most recent tropical storm, Beryl, which washed ashore near the Georgia / Florida state line, May 27, 2012, the remnants of which have moved into the center of the Southeastern United States, now threatens torrential rainfall for all of eastern North Carolina.

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