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Hello, I am David Winstead of Washington North Carolina.

I enjoy playing guitar, drums, games (Xbox 360,Nintendo Wii), programming & designing websites, photography, music, gardening, and watching movies...

Check out my website(s):

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Former highway patrolman, Ernie Coleman, defeated former Chief Deputy Harry Meredith in the Republican primary runoff to nominate the Republican candidate to challenge the non incumbent Democrat candidate.
First annual Car, Truck and Bike show at Beaufort County Community College, located in Washington, North Carolina on April 5th, 2014.
Educators, wildlife officers, law enforcement officials and office workers were among the state employees from all across the state to be honored Tuesday afternoon with the Governor's Award for Excellence at a ceremony at the North Carolina Museum of History. Ten of the award recipients were ...
Dr. Julius L. Chambers will be honored posthumously today by the State of North Carolina with the presentation of the Spirit of North Carolina Award. Dr. Chambers died in August 2013.


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