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Every August, Civitas polls NC unaffiliated voters to find out what this crucial voting bloc thinks.
Today, the Civitas Institute is highlighting the results of a new survey showing that 57.2 percent of NC union workers would prefer to represent themselves and 30 percent of union members nationwide would opt out of union membership if they knew they could keep their job and not face any penalty.
National Employee Freedom Week is a national effort to publicize employee rights to opt-out of union membership
North Carolina's 2016-17 state budget responsibly limited the growth rate of state spending, wisely padded the state's Rainy Day Fund, cut taxes further and continued one of the most aggressive trends of teacher pay increases in the nation.
On July 27, Civitas' Susan Myrick pointed out the conflict of interest of Judge Michael Morgan, who is not only running for the one opening on the state Supreme Court this year.

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