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The Beaufort Observer is located at 208 N. Market Street in downtown Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Mailing Address: 208 N Market Street, Washington, NC 27889


The Beaufort Observer is a Community Website serving Beaufort County. It is a subsidiary of Eagle Publishing, Inc.

The mission of the publication is to:

1) Report in-depth coverage of local news.
2) Offer fair and balanced reporting for all sides of the political spectrum.
3) Provide an open forum for local voices on matters of interest.
4) Inform the public on issues of importance.
5) Promote principled ideas to inform the populace.
6) Publish directories and information on happenings in Beaufort County.

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Rebecca Martinez, of the left-wing reports on the dispute over whether the North Carolina State Fair can legally ban concealed firearms.
The Gang of Four, consisting of Commissioners Lnagley, Booth, Belcher, and Klemm, are proceeding to build a new jail as if the November elections are over and they won.
We have the video of the September 15, 2014 Chocowinity Planning Board meeting at which the board approved recommending the permitting of a solar farm on a tract of land zoned Residential off of Bragaw Lane in Chocowinity.
In it he proclaims the path to victory for Republicans is for all Republicans to support all Republican candidates.

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