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"Hall of Fame broadcaster Tom Campbell is producer and moderator of the statewide television and radio talk show, NC SPIN. Tom's broadcasting career spans 50 years, ranging from being a rock and roll disc jockey (Tom Terrific) to voicing daily editorials, and includes management and ownership of radio and television stations in North Carolina.

Tom's career also includes service as Assistant Treasurer for the State of North Carolina, co-founder of a family business consulting company and publisher of a series of Bible studies now being used in more than 1800 churches across the country.

Community service includes board memberships on The A. J. Fletcher Foundation, the Triangle Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and various churches, with leadership in The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters, The Salvation Army, Raleigh Rotary Club and The North Carolina Academy for Spiritual Formation.

Husband for more than 46 years to Methodist Pastor, Lib, Tom is father to son, Richard, and daughter, Lisa, and grandfather of four of the greatest grandchildren on the planet."

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With fewer than 90 days before the November 8th elections it is fitting to consider who can and will vote and what can be done to encourage voter turnout
Let us settle for all time the question whether there is bias in the media.
The halfway mark of this event-filled year is a good time to reflect on the first six months in North Carolina. We would say the year's theme to date has been protest
When Representative Rob Bryan first proposed the idea of Achievement School Districts it seemed, at first, a pretty radical concept, but after a year of discussion we've not heard many alternatives put forward
One of the more frequent excuses given for not voting is, "my vote won't really matter."

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