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Who is Alex J. Ortolano?
•He was a U.S. Army Medical Evacuation Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam a long time ago.
•He is a retired Automotive Executive who worked for Ford Motor Company, American Motors, Chrysler & Toyota.
•In 2006 he started writing a Blog called “Foolishness...Or Is It?”.
•Self-taught computer “expert” who has taught computer classes to Senior Citizens.
•For many years he has been helping Senior Citizens with their computer problems in the homes.
•At his advanced age he still plays tennis 2-3 times a week.
•He has 4 children & 11 grandchildren & every one of them are perfect...Or are they?

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I published this Blog Posting on January 1, 2009. It really is a history lesson. You remember history. They used to teach a lot of it in our schools.
Could it be that Higher Education's big problem is the use of the word "Higher".
Would you be upset if all your life you have been one thing but now you are are told you are not what you have always been?
He Won't be With Us For Very Much Longer But He Looks So Healthy!

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