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A 'Stellar' Return to Star Wars

Star Wars has always been a huge interest of mine, having seen all the movies countless times as well as the TV Series, and the books related to the franchise; obviously I was excited to hear the announcement of a new Star Wars movie. I bought opening night tickets, and it was a stellar experience.

An initial concern for me was Disney's acquisition of Star Wars, and fear that it would make the franchise childish. Though this impact is arguable with the anima... (read more)
Publisher's note: When you finish this Wyatt review, please spend a few moments using our Movie Database, and feel welcome to return. Nearly everything important to movies, plus great images are there.

Publisher's note: Some of you might have noticed that Wyatt has been AWOL (absent without leave) of late, and, to remedy that reality, I have enticed him back into revealing the good and bad in: film, music the graphic arts by reminding him that he does not always need to write the massively ... (read more)



The tease line about Marty calming down was just that. A tease. He was 57 years old when he died in 1982. Robbins was survived by his wife, Marizona; the pair had been married since 1948 and had two children together. I don't know if he actually lived his songs, but songs and truth don't always have to be lived to be relevant. He was born in Glendale, Arizona, in 1925, Marty Robbins was an iconic country and western singer. He taught himself how to play guitar while serving in the U.S. Navy du... (read more)
It ain't exactly all country but it's DARN good. The baby faced country star Vince Gill is a storyteller and gifted musician. If you do not follow Nashville music or the country Genre, you may not know who he is. If you got this far in this review, I assume you at least know him. But for the non-country fans you can find more about Vince Gill here or here.

His last album is a self-produced collaboration with some friends and recorded in his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Being a meg... (read more)

Upon the Stage

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Performances of At the Foot of the Cross will be held March 21 through April 18, 2015 at the Rocky Hock Playhouse now located at the Leon Nixon Cater... (read more)


Somebody's Laughing

All aboard, the train is leaving the station bound for what Hillary has called the TRUMP PARTY. Within the next few days, the Republican nominee will be selected. Unless there is some significant maneuvering and chicanery, Donald Trump will be the nominee. I have decided to go 'ALL IN' and put my full support on the movement. Accordingly, I have started a Market Exchange Traded Fund, which will be designated by symbol THSX (Trump Hair Spray Exchange) and traded on the BTExchange. The fund will... (read more)
This is a tentative schedule pending resolution of current FBI investigations. Some items subject to change. Names and location to be determined shortly before the convention. Subject to review by Joe Biden Vice President of the United States and heir apparent to POTUS.

Democrat Convention ScheduleMonday, July 25, 201611:15 AMFree lunch, medical marijuana, and bus ride to the ConventionForms distributed for Food Stamp enrollment.1:30 PMGroup Voter Registration for Illegal Immigrants.3:15 PMAddr... (read more)

Visiting Writers

Michelle Chamuel "Call Your Girlfriend":
After work we spent time in the berthing compartment (like a warehouse full of bunk beds). Near me was a small group of Cajuns (Louisiana French) who somehow knew each other from maybe a biker gang. They played tape recording of their HOG (motorcycle) noises and told funny stories. One day, the group was disturbed that their friend was extremely depressed almost catatonic.

He had written home that he met an exciting girl in port. Someone told his... (read more)


A Discussion of the Visual Arts and Graphics

Rows and flows of angel hair ... And ice cream castles in the air ... And feather canyons ev'rywhere ... I've looked at clouds that way ... as is the first stanza of Joni Mitchell's classic "Both Sides Now." Last Sunday, August 11, 2013, the fantastic rearrangement of God's celestial "deck chairs" was a sight to behold, and more than worth the 40 minutes to take these photos, and the far longer time it took to "right" the images and create this post ... and yes, while I clicked, and stroked ... (read more)
Publishers note: This post is one of our oldest, and definitely our most popular. This Christmas season, we decided to move it up to the Home Page for a very short while. We have also refitted the post to reflect our more expansive technology in regards to galleries.

Also on a more juvenile point, my apologies in advance to some of you because of the Helga nudes. When it comes to Wyeth, we cast all caution to the wind, so if you tend to be a bit prudish, you might want to refrain from scru... (read more)

Art as a Philosophy

"The Artist" wins Best Motion Picture of the Year

Tonight is Oscar Night. Many of you are watching some are not, but not to worry if you can't get that French production designer's name just right, we will, and we will report it, and all the other winners, just a soon as we can receive those valuable pieces of news of each Oscar winner.

Oh. And by the way, Billy Crystal's opening number was stunning. And he wasn't even stoned. See James Franco: One can host the Oscars without doing drugs... (read more)


Galleries and Exhibits

Press Release:

Check out the refreshed AOP website at and the calendar for programming.Broadway Kids Camp kicks off on July 25 with more than 20 participants!Watch for season tickets being released soon for our community theatre series starting in September!
Artist Notes
Reminder to send in Hands On Arts Fall Festival applications.Join in with local artists at Art Bar on the third Wednesday of the month.Let us know if you would be interested in demonstrating your ... (read more)
Press Release:
AOP to present the 2016 Hands on Arts Fall Festival. Join us at the Hands On Festival on September 24, 2016 at the Turnage Theater in historic downtown Washington, NC.

Mark your calendar and plan to join the first Annual Fall Art Festival presented by Arts of the Pamlico in Historic Downtown Washington, NC.

Artwork by juried fine artists and craftspeople exhibiting original works of art in many different categories will be available for purchase, including painting, photograp... (read more)

Film Shorts

Publisher's note: As this region's most diverse "Informational Platform", we here, at BCN, accept all manner of contributions that are well presented. Few contributions; however, will be more diverse than that from a young aspiring filmmaker, whose "major influence" is David Lynch. Remember the film "Blue Velvet", filmed entirely in Wilmington and Lumberton, North Carolina, and the short lived TV series "Twin Peaks": Truly disturbed, but interesting stuff.

Beaufort County Native Dustin Dixon... (read more)
I worked on this with Professor Crispy (left), played by Charlie Ribbens, Robot Boy (right), played by Stanhope Deatheragesome friends I met when I was billeted in Savannah, while I was stationed at Tybee Island, USCG station. The producers of this film short were students at Savannah College of Art and Design.

My friends paid a close attention to details that effected the production values, and I will be forever impressed, as well as forever proud to be able to lend some assistance to their f... (read more)

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