Just a Cat?

Just a cat?

Just a cat?
Not my Critter!
Critter had eyes of the clearest blue
ears,paws and tail of black
And weighed a hefty 5 lb.

When I was tired she made me take a nap.
She placed her head beneath my chin to keep me warm.
When I was upset she covered my cheek with kisses
to let me know she loved me no matter what!

If I ate ice cream she licked the bowl,
That was to keep me from eating more!
If I fell asleep and a stranger came to the door,
She growled to frighten them away.

If I talked on the phone too long,
She jumped on my shoulder to let me know
she was there too!

When strangers came she inspected them one and all!
If they din't pass her inspection she hissed at them and dared them to touch me!
She checked all boxes and bags to make sure they were safe.
She checked the laundry to see if it was clean and dry,
if it passed her inspection she curled up in the middle of it for a nap.
Her inspections were through!

She scratched the door facing to make sure it was secure.
Each night she prowled the hall to check on one and all,
no lound bump, or snort went unnoticed.
When I got up in the morning she walked slowly and carefully in front of me
leading the way.... in case I had forgotten the way.

When writing or reading she sat on the paper to hold it in place.
If I stayed at the computer too long she jumped on top,
hanging her tail in front of the monitor
switching it back and forth like a pendulm.
Now how could such a loving caring cat be just a cat?!

She was a protector, friend, and a valued member of our household.
She was many things to me, but mostly my BELOVED CAT!

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