Premise to Report

   It is the intent of this publication to pronounce our opinion on issues important to our readers and, whenever possible, to entertain their curiosity and pique their passions through the honest discussion of subjects significant in their lives. These subjects will not be relegated to just those that are government or economic driven, but, also, those that are community driven and those that speak to our creative spirits.

   Our goal is to be unconventional in our expressed vision of perpetual truth, while engaging in spirited debate on subjects proposed by us and others - you. We do not require you to agree with us, even if we present the better argument. It is more important that we provide a platform that imparts information that is as interesting as its content is unique and engaging. With your help, we will endeavor to be an interactive periodical. We pray you take advantage of that feature.

   We will also be a Web site that will have traffic. Our young track record has been good in that regard, and it is improving incrementally. We intend to continue to provide a quality product that is worthy of continuing traffic and, with your help, that reality should continue.

   We intend to be objective in the publication of all presentable commentary by the public. We do not, however, promise objectivity in our commentary, or, at times, in the information we disseminate. To promise objectivity would be disingenuous, and that is the one virtue that we will promise - to be genuine.

   As owner and publisher, this is my report to you, and I intend to be true to this maxim. Please stay in touch with Dare County Now. It will be updated at all times, every day. We thank you in advance for your patronage.

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