Detective's Story

   Publisher's note: This film short, "Detective's Story," is the inaugural post for this new category that I pray will serve as a benefit to young filmmakers, needing a hand up. Beaufort County Now is a large, well integrated platform, with bold, and increasing traffic numbers. We should be of some help here.

   We welcome all young filmmakers, actors, all manner of creative folk for their submissions. We're here to help.

   I made this short film for Ken Wyatt’s Advanced Post Production Techniques class in the winter of 2011 with the help of my friends in Washington, North Carolina.

   I made this film with the inspiration of Miles Davis. I’ve always loved jazz (thanks, Dad) and, to me, jazz and film noir go hand in hand. I’ve always wanted to make a gritty detective drama.

Detective's Story

Dustin Dixon: Director

A Filmmaker's Post Mortem

   There are some
Lennox, played by Stanhope Deatherage
obvious sound issues with the video, most notably in the second half. This is due to bad sound capturing via microphone and roundtripping to and from Soundtrack Pro for noise reduction. Please excuse any inaudible vocals, as this may be a result of your computer, browser or speakers. If at all possible, listen with headphones for optimum listening.

   Also, the scene with the splash is very dark on account of my inability to set up a light on the Washington train trestle.

   I would like to thank my actors, the
Friday, played by Brandia Deatherage
Deatherage family and my wonderful girlfriend, Brandia.
Verrill, played by Raven Wilken

Rosco, played by Ace Futrell

T.J., played by T.J.

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