Ross Takes Three Tries To Answer Whether Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy

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    Raleigh, NC     In a WRAL interview released this morning, Deborah Ross stumbled when asked whether she felt Hillary Clinton was trustworthy. Ross dodged the initial question and the follow up question, and only after WRAL reporter Laura Leslie called her out for "parsing" her words did Ross finally say Clinton "is trustworthy."

    Given that polls show about nearly 60% of voters find Hillary Clinton to be dishonest, it's no wonder it was so painful for Deborah Ross to finally weigh in on how she truly feels about Clinton's trustworthiness. Now Ross will have to explain to the same large swath over voters who find Clinton untrustworthy why she's standing up for someone who continues to mislead the public on scandal after scandal.

    Watch the painful exchange for yourself: Deborah Ross Struggles To Answer Whether Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy


    LAURA LESLIE: They said that-they're asking you and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Cooper, do you believe Hillary Clinton is trustworthy?

    DEBORAH ROSS: They're asking me that? I've never heard this so I'm just letting you know.

    LESLIE: Yes that is what they're asking.

    ROSS: I just want you to know that this is the first that I've heard. Hillary Clinton will be an excellent President of the United States, and she is the most prepared person to do that job as we've heard time and time again. And I trust her to do that job.

    LESLIE: So is that a yes or a no?

    ROSS: She is trustworthy as our commander-in-chief.

    LESLIE: That feels like you're parsing.

    ROSS: She is trustworthy.

  • Contact: Jesse Hunt

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