Do NC Democrat Candidates Think Hillary Clinton Is Honest?

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton's top supporters and New Hampshire's Democrat Senate candidate Maggie Hassan refused three times to say if she thought Hillary Clinton was honest and trustworthy. North Carolina's top Democrats Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross have proudly embraced Hillary Clinton's candidacy for President but do they believe she's honest and trustwothy?

    Deborah Ross already criticized Clinton's email scandal saying she "would have told her to her face that she was wrong" and to "make no mistake, what she did with those emails was inappropriate." Yet despite Ross' tough talk, she had the opportunity to share her thoughts with Clinton just hours after FBI Director Comey debunked the many lies Clinton peddled to the American people but Ross did not. North Carolina voters deserve to know if Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy after her email scandal and repeated lies to the American people.

    "Hillary Clinton has proven time and time again that she is the most dishonest and untrustworthy candidate to ever seek the presidency, but that hasn't stopped North Carolina's top Democrats Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross from proudly supporting her," said NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes. "Even after an FBI investigation proved Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to the American people, Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross have yet to account for her dishonesty. North Carolina voters deserve to know whether Cooper and Ross think Clinton is trustworthy, or if they'll dodge the issue just like their fellow Clinton supporter in New Hampshire."

    Watch the interview HERE.

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