NCGOP and Wilmington Citizens Launch Website to Hold Andrew Barnhill Accountable

Press Release:

    WILMINGTON, NC     In an effort to hold Democratic State Senate Candidate Andrew Barnhill accountable for gambling and drinking at a luxurious resort when he said he was helping starving school children in South Africa, Wilmington-area citizens and the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) launched - an online information and action center. The website tells voters the truth about Barnhill's past, and allows voters to take action to keep him out of the State Senate.

    Local news reports exposed the 28-year-old Barnhill, an ordained minister, for gorging in a week of partying at Africa's "Kingdom of Pleasure" resort and casino, while he was supposed to be helping impoverished school children on a charity-funded mission trip to South Africa. The charity's director questioned Barnhill's character in a televised interview, which can be viewed below, and called the recent graduate an "extreme manipulator."

    "If Mr. Barnhill can't be trusted with a charity mission trip to help starving school children, how could we possibly trust him to keep his word in the State Senate and serve the people of New Hanover County instead of himself?" asked Dallas Woodhouse, NCGOP Executive Director. "Our elected officials should pass a basic character and maturity test if they want to represent us in public office. Clearly, Mr. Barnhill is failing that test."

    Click HERE to add your name to the petition telling Andrew Barnhill to explain himself, to stop ducking the media's questions, and to apologize for his shameful behavior.

  • Contact: NCGOP Communications

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