Hillary Clinton's Conflicts of Interest Piling Up

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     From revelations that FBI field offices sought a corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation to reports that Cheryl Mills did work on behalf of the foundation while serving as Clinton's top aide at the State Department - Hillary Clinton's staggering conflicts of interest continue to pile up.

    "It doesn't appear that Hillary Clinton set up her secret server out of 'convenience' but instead to hide all of her shady dealings," said NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes. "Our country cannot afford to have a President compromised by conflicts of interest and constantly palgued by scandal. This week's developments only add to the growing list of revelations exposing Hillary Clinton's unethical conduct at the State Department."

    This week, it was reported that three FBI field offices asked the Obama Justice Department to open a public corruption case into the Clinton Foundation following a suspicious foreign donation to the foundation while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state. The requests were ultimately overruled by the Obama Justice Department. CNN also reported that the FBI's probe of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a close Clinton ally, and his role as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative was a part of the deliberations. Additionally, CNN reported that while Cheryl Mills was serving as Hillary Clinton's top aide at the State Department, she was also conducting high level work on behalf of the Clinton Foundation.

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