Chorus Of State And Federal Legislators Calling For Roy Cooper To Reimburse Taxpayers Grows

Press Release:

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Three more elected officials joined the outcry of citizens across the state for Roy Cooper to do his job as Attorney General. Congressman Richard Hudson and state Representatives Scott Stone and Larry Pittman called on Roy Cooper to not only defend the law to the Supreme Court, but to reimburse taxpayers for the outside counsel North Carolina has been forced to hire on his behalf.

    "This is a very common-sense law that is supported across party lines in North Carolina and across the country," stated Rep. Pittman. "This law was passed to promote honesty and integrity in our elections. A recent editorial in National Review pointed out that minority voter participation has increased since the passage of the voter ID law. I really appreciate Governor McCrory stepping up to defend this common-sense law when it's clear our Attorney General has no intention of doing his job."

    "We have to ensure that the sanctity of the voter is secure," continued Rep. Scott Stone. "This legislature passed a bill that improved the access to voting locations by requiring additional places to vote during early voting. Our law has been referenced in other cases as a model. We've put money behind this bill to educate the citizens of North Carolina and to ensure very few citizens that do not have a valid ID can get one. This is just Roy Cooper picking and choosing which laws he wants to enforce."

    "I'm disappointed in Roy Cooper for failing to do his job. Like the Attorney General, I'm bound to follow the law in North Carolina and the families of this state expect us to go to work every day. Cooper should not be held to a different standard than the hardworking taxpayers who fund his salary," said Congressman Richard Hudson. "Frankly, the Attorney General has been running for Governor since his last election, and him working part-time has cost the state almost $9 million in outside counsel. I'm proud to join my colleagues on both the state and federal level to ask Roy Cooper to reimburse taxpayers for the extra costs they've incurred on his behalf and to do his job."

    Last week, former candidate for Secretary of State A.J. Dauod and Congressman Mark Walker (NC-06) called on Cooper to defend the state's law and to reimburse taxpayers for the nearly $9 million in outside counsel fees.

  • Contact: NCGOP Communications

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