Tillis Statement On Obama Administration Ransom Payment To Iran

Press Release:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.     Today, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued the following statement after the State Department admitted the timing of the Obama Administration's transfer of $400 million to Iran was contingent upon Iran's release of Americans held hostage by the Iranian regime:

  • "Weeks after President Obama assured the American people that his administration didn't pay the Iranian regime a ransom, the State Department finally admitted that the $400 million payment to Iran was directly linked to the release of Americans held hostage. It is ransom by any definition.
  • "It's becoming increasingly clear that President Obama sold the American people and Congress a bill of goods with his disastrous Iran nuclear deal, offering the world's largest state sponsor of terror concession after concession, including a path to a nuclear weapon. He continues to deliberately mislead the American public about it to this day."

  • Contact: Daniel Keylin
  •     daniel_keylin@tillis.senate.gov

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