North Carolina Communities Receive $127 Million For Water Projects

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Governor Pat McCrory's environmental agency awarded $127 million in loans and grants today that will help North Carolina towns pay for 70 drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Since January 2014, the state has provided more than $695 million for similar projects. Additionally, more than $300 million will be awarded through the Connect NC bond.

    "Reliable infrastructure is crucial to protecting public health, improving quality of life, and providing economic opportunities in all of our communities," said Governor McCrory. "These projects will enhance water quality and pave the way for economic growth in towns across the state."

    The next round of funding in the fall of 2016 will include the first use of Connect NC bonds for water and sewer infrastructure projects. The Connect NC bond proposed by Governor McCrory and overwhelmingly approved by voters will provide more than $300 million for drinking and wastewater projects across the state.

    Two new types of grants that focus on long-term planning, best practices, and best use of infrastructure funds are included in the funding. One of those grants is available for inventory and documentation of existing water and/or sewer systems.

    Funding for this round of loans and grants are awarded through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the State Reserve Program. Recipients are listed below.

1. Clean Water State Revolving Fund

    The revolving fund is used to improve water quality by financing wastewater, stormwater and other clean water infrastructure improvements. Funding this round is as follows:

Federal Clean Water State Revolving Funds (CWSRF) Project Funding Approved by State Water Infrastructure Authority

2. State Reserve Program

    This program funds both wastewater and drinking water projects and includes one loan project and three types of grants, as indicated below, with funding for this round.

State Wastewater Reserve Project Loan Approved by State Water Infrastructure Authority

State Wastewater Reserve Project Grant Approved by State Water Infrastructure Authority

State Reserve Merger/Regionalization Feasibility Grants Approved by State Water Infrastructure Authority

    This grant funding is available for the study of consolidating the management of multiple utilities in to a single utility operation or to provide regional treatment and the best way of carrying out the consolidation or regionalization.

State Reserve Asset Inventory and Assessment (AIA) Grants Approved by State Water Infrastructure Authority

  • Contact: Crystal Feldman

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