TMc: Vietnam 1968...You Met Somebody New

Michelle Chamuel "Call Your Girlfriend":

    After work we spent time in the berthing compartment (like a warehouse full of bunk beds). Near me was a small group of Cajuns (Louisiana French) who somehow knew each other from maybe a biker gang. They played tape recording of their HOG (motorcycle) noises and told funny stories. One day, the group was disturbed that their friend was extremely depressed almost catatonic.

    He had written home that he met an exciting girl in port. Someone told his Cajun girlfriend and a letter arrived that his HOG had been stolen and wrecked and found half submerged in a muddy swamp nearby. As Neil Sedaka says, "Breaking up is hard to do."

    Conclusion: When young men are at sea for thirty day and in port for three days before going out again, it is difficult to maintain relationships in the States. Back in the day, there were no emails or cell phones for private conversations and hard copy written letters were a problem.

    Loose lips sink ships.

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