Terrible! Awful! Never Been Worse!...Or is it?

    As our Meltdown continues to meltdown, our 9% Approval Rating Congress is very busy finding who to blame. I have written about this Congressional Foolishness before but I'm now going to give it another shot because they are such easy targets. The frenzy is alive and well and growing by the minute.

    Our politicians are telling us that this is the worst it has ever been and, of course, the other guys caused it.

    In a book I read a few months ago entitled, A Brilliant Solution by Carol Berkin, our 9% Approval Rating Congress may have misspoke. This may not be the worst it has ever been. Hard to believe, is it not?

    The Year was 1787...

      •  "our treasury was empty. Debts to foreign governments and debts to our own citizens could not be paid, and this was a blow to the nation's honor as well as to its future credit."
      •  "anarchy seemed to threaten"
      •  "These new ideas threatened a social revolution that would destroy not only their own fortunes but also the rule of law."
      •  "All around them civil strife seemed to be erupting unchecked, and news of uprisings in western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Massachusetts during the previous year shook the confidence not only of these wealthy men but also of Americans of all social classes."
      •  "With no police force of any sort, military, or civil, the restoration of law and order was in doubt."
      •  Even worse, a political disorder on the highest levels had reached critical proportions."
      •  "The cooperation among the states, forged in the 1770s and sustained during the war, had vanished with independence."
      •  "Competition and exploitation reigned, and the revival of a fierce localism pitted Virginian against Marylander, New Yorker against New Jerseyite, Georgian against South Carolinian."
      •  "the league of friendship called the Confederation that Americans had established as their first government grew more impotent, more lethargic, and more incompetent with every passing day".
      •  "The nation was on the verge of self-destruction---or, worse, of simply fading away."
      •  "Animated by a heartfelt ill will and rivalry, state legislators missed no opportunity to exploit the weaknesses of their neighbors. They rushed to enact tariffs and trade barriers, replacing the hated British restrictions with restrictions of their own."
      •  "With duties to pay at every state border, even the most intrepid merchant or shipper found interstate commerce a nightmare."
      •  "Connecticut and New Jersey were rumored to be planning a joint assault on New York."

    There is more but that's enough and my fingers are tired.

    In 1787 Congress did something about the Terrible, Awful, Never Been Worse Situation. They wrote our Constitution. Our current Congress blames those other guys and then goes to Happy Hour with those other guys.

    I'm not kidding you. This is historical fact.

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