That's Awful!

    According to a Washington Post Article in my local newspaper:

    •  Since 1985 the consumer price index has gone up 121%. That's awful!
    •  Since 1985 Medical Costs have gone up 286%. That's 165 Percentage Points Higher than the Consumer Price Index. That's worst than awful!
    •  Since 1985, according to a new study from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) a nonprofit and nonpartisan research group, the price of Higher Education has gone up 538%. (I will leave out another "awful!" comment about 538% being awful because I don't want to be repetitious.)

    Maybe we ought to stop calling it Higher Education. The use of the word "Higher" sort of dictates that it has to cost more every year, otherwise it would not truly be Higher Education.

    If they changed the name to Lower Education, that might help for a while but Lower Education does not have a good ring to it and I doubt that those smart people who run our institutes if Higher Education would be tricked into lowering their tuitions.

    As per usual, I really do have an idea to fix this Escalating Higher Education Cost Trend from getting Higher. What the Federal Government needs to do is subsidize the cost of Higher Education to make Higher Education more affordable for the folks back home.

    What's that you say? Did I hear you say that our Federal Government has been subsidizing Higher Education for a long time? Where have I been? I guess I ought to pay closer attention.

    How's my idea working out?

    Would I kid u?

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