TMc: Remembering Road Maps

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    This skill is not part of the Memory Championship but 70 per cent of us suffer with No Sense of Direction. I found a video about the training of cab drives in London where you must pass a series of tests over a 2 year period called THE KNOWLEDGE.

    To pass the test, some take private lessons. The system depends on map study and motor scooter rides. Basically, you must know the streets of London. Only 30% of the applicants will ever pass the test.

    I have the route from home to my grocery store, another to the pharmacy, another to Home Depot. I will soon have mental maps to places like coffee shops and waffle houses all over my county. That is all I need...a mental map of the county and not Metro.

    I have paper maps, GPS and smart phone apps. Technology has solved 80% of my routing problems but hopefully THE KNOWLEDGE will conquer the remaining 20%. Now retired I have fewer places to go.

    Conclusion: Can you imagine getting lost in the Jungle or on rivers during Vietnam 1968? Anyway, you need to know your location in a large Metro. Good luck.

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