TMc: Remembering Poker Cards

    If you do play poker, the principal show here can be adapted for most any other need.

    To remember the order of 52 cards as dealt will need an elaborate system usually based on a walk through a memory palace. YouTube has great training videos. For example, you mentally place cards along a memorized walk in the park or somewhere.

    Memory depends on associating old items stored in long term memory with new stuff coming into short term memory. Books by memory champions will teach you all about the brain.

    That is too much work for me. I am happy with the 10 item list using rhyming equivalents for numbers in my Grocery List article. Ten cards are enough to amaze friends.

    I isolated myself and gave each card a visual equivalent based on a memory champion book. King Diamond is Trump, Queen Diamond is Hillary, Jack Diamond is Joe Biden. If Joe is dealt first, I visualize him eating (No. 1) a Honey Bun. If Trump is dealt next (No. 2), he is putting on his Shoe. So on and so forth.

    Conclusion: There are systems for remembering Poems, Random Number, etc. I only need a few systems for daily use and unless used, the systems will fade into the lost and found department of the brain. Why is she holding two Ace of Spades and a hidden Ace of Clubs?

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