TMc: Politics or Technology

    My cousin Al was 50 years old owning 3000 acres of farm land in South Georgia barely making a living when the State ran an expressway through the middle of his land. With the new fortune, he hired some brilliant folks for advice and suddenly the government was paying him not to plant crops. Soon a lumber company was harvesting pulpwood and an Atlanta club was leasing land for quail hunting. Was Al a genius to marry into a land owning family? Was it politics or technology demanding expressways for the auto industry that guided his future?

    The auto industry attracted 5 million Southern Blacks to the mid-West in the 50s. That was not politics but war ravaged Europe unable to compete with the USA. The Great Society was created just in time to draft all races into the Vietnam War.

    Conclusion: Politics are important but not even close to the opportunity presented by technology. China is rerouting rivers 2000 miles into their largest cities. India has invented new fuel sources and the USA has almost magical water filtration systems on the market. Who cares about the first Woman President? What child needs a new SNAP card? Black history and White history will not shape the future. You heard it from me. The future is so bright, I need shades.

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