John Locke Foundation: Prudent Policy / Impeccable Research - Volume CLXXXV

    Publisher's note: We want our readers to understand that there is wise policy afoot here in North Carolina, and to that end, we offer these excellent videos from our associates, in prudent policy research, at the John Locke Foundation.

    We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.

N.C. State's Andrew Taylor assesses potential impact of Brexit

Dr. Andrew Taylor, professor of political science at N.C. State University, explains his stance on Great Britain's vote to exit the European Union. Taylor offered these comments during an interview for Carolina Journal Radio.

JLF's Hood: Watch for competing arguments about N.C. economy

Voters will hear plenty of arguments in the next few months about North Carolina's economy. On one side: The economy's doing great! North Carolina is outperforming its neighbors and the rest of the country. On the other side: North Carolina's economy is lagging behind! Current policies are failing.

Those arguments are bound to play a key role in the 2016 elections, especially the hotly contested race for the governor's office. John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood has sifted through competing economic claims. He separates fact from fiction in an interview for Carolina Journal Radio.

JLF's Roy Cordato explains links between progressives and coercion

Dr. Roy Cordato, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and resident scholar, discusses the links between progressive public policy proposals and government coercion. Cordato offered these comments during an interview with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio.

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