Roy Cooper Gives Governor McCrory And The Carolina Comeback A Standing Ovation

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Sitting in the front row when Governor McCrory announced CSX would be building a new intermodal terminal in his hometown bringing 1,500 jobs to North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper greeted the impressive economic news with a standing ovation as the governor exclaimed, "the Carolina Comeback continues." Cooper is seated next to former Democratic Governors Mike Easley and Jim Hunt.

    "Even Roy Cooper believes Governor McCrory is doing a good job bringing jobs and investment to North Carolina," said Ricky Diaz, Governor McCrory's campaign spokesman. "Throughout this campaign, Roy Cooper has sought to convince people that the Carolina Comeback isn't real, so this video of his standing ovation undercuts the premise of the attorney general's entire campaign."

    Roy Cooper attended the CSX jobs announcement in Rocky Mount hours after launching a new campaign ad which claims North Carolina is losing jobs. That ad was filmed in Nash County, down the road from where the CSX site will be built. Since Governor McCrory has taken office, Nash county's unemployment rate has dropped from 12.1% to 6.3% and employers have added hundreds of net new jobs.

    The Rocky Mount Telegram says of the CSX announcement, "Folks already are calling it the best economic news in 20 years ... and it likely will hold that title for another 20 years."

  • Contact: The Pat McCrory Committee

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