Governor McCrory's Office Issues Statement in Response to the U.S. Supreme Court Entering a Stay in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Governor Pat McCrory's office issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court entering a stay in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.:

  • The governor is pleased to see the U.S. Supreme Court has set aside the Fourth Circuit's direction to allow student access to restrooms based on gender identity. While this is a Virginia case, the rules adopted by the Gloucester County School Board, which the Supreme Court has now reinstated, are very similar to North Carolina law. More than 20 states have now joined North Carolina in fighting federal overreach. This is a national issue that should be resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • "This administration's goal is to protect expectations of privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms and showers at our schools, state parks, highway rest stops and all government facilities, while providing reasonable accommodations when necessary. State law permits private businesses to set their own policies," said Governor McCrory. "The attorney general should have fulfilled his responsibilities in this effort to defend our state's common sense approach to this complex issue."

  • Contact: Crystal Feldman

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