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We always appreciate the boys from the Beaufort Observer when they editorialize. Unlike the Washington Daily News the Beaufort Observer backs up their opinions with facts.

In it he proclaims the path to victory for Republicans is for all Republicans to support all Republican candidates.
It's football season. One of the favorite stats of sports drive-bys is time of possession (a/k/a "time on offense.") The longer your team has the ball, the longer the other team is without the ball AND a chance to score points against you.
We here at the Observer have been scolded by some of our Republican friends for not supporting "all" Republicans. The argument goes: We need Republicans in control of both house of Congress and then we could really...
The next time you are speeding or tempted to do so you might want to remember this information: North Carolina's car insurance premiums are among the lowest in the country - that is, as long as drivers stay on the right side of the law.
It has become more obvious that the majority of the Beaufort County leadership offices are occupied by bullies.
When your Social Studies teacher taught you that "the Constitution was written to protect our rights..." did it ever occur to you to wonder from whom we would need to be protected?
Four Beaufort County Commissioners and two staff people traveled to Raleigh Monday (8-18-14) to hear it straight from the staff of the Local Government Commission (LGC).
Monday (8-4-14) night's Beaufort County Board of Commissioners' meeting was a phenomenal event. We would not have believed it had we not seen it with our own eyes.
It's interesting in the business (aggregating news/information) things sometimes just come together when you are not expecting it to happen. Wednesday (7-24-14) was one of those days. But follow us here, because to get the message you have to connect the dots.
We here at the Observer are frequently contacted by someone who believes they or their relative, or someone associated with them, that a law enforcement officers has done something illegal to the person.
The impressions of our youth are indelibly branded in our hearts and minds. As I think of June 6, 1944 (D Day) it always seems that it was my war. I was nine years old.
If you've ever wondered why we at the Observer are stickers for enforcement of the Open Meetings law this story will amply demonstrate the problem of governing boards meeting in secret session to make various decisions.
Never fails. The left-wing Public Policy Polling is backtracking. Just last week they were reporting that Thom Tillis was going to win the GOP Primary in a cakewalk.
Editor's note: In the interest of full disclosure we would offer the following introductory comment. In September, 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit Beaufort County, we, like thousands of people DownEast, lost our home and much of what was in it.
Beaufort Observer endorses incumbent county commissioner, Stan Deatherage, as its top pick for the Republican nomination for commissioner, with Candidate Keith Kidwell as their second choice.
Buys his way out of liable lawsuit for $75K and a measley apology--but that is just our opinion of the implications of this case
In January 2008 we published the results of our study of the facilities needs in Beaufort County Schools. The title of the article was The Future for Beaufort County Schools.
The State of North Carolina, at last count, confiscated $84.2 million from taxpayers in the state (individuals and businesses) and gave it to movie production companies to entice them to make their movies in North Carolina, rather than Hollywood or somewhere else.
Governor Pat McCrory has stepped in it. He told the Washington Post that Thom Tillis is the most electable Republican against Kay Hagan. Here is how the Post reported it.
As reported by Stan, the meeting was useful, but regrettably was sabotaged by Commission Jerry Langley, who adjourned the meeting without a vote to do so (as required by Robert's Rules of Order) when it did not go the way Chairman Langley wanted it to go.
Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon has been arrested by the FBI for violating Federal corruption statutes. He has not yet resigned, but we expect that any time.
The voters of Beaufort County have just recently been treated to two examples of disgusting, sleazy politics. The Republican Party in Beaufort County has just been subjected to an exhibition of one of the things that keeps the GOP from becoming a viable governing force in the county.
In case you haven't noticed, the Tonight Show has changed. Long time host Jay Leno is gone. He has been replaced by Jimmie Fallon whose late - late night show used to follow the Leno Tonight Show on NBC..
The Washington Daily News recently published an editorial in which they complained about Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage not attending the local annual Board of Commissioners' planning retreat. The editorial suggested it was their duty to attend the session.
At the recent annual "planning retreat" of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners one of the presenters, Dr. William Rivenbark, reviewed the financial status of the county.
Common Core is the new public school curriculum for reading and math, K-12. It specifies what should be taught at each grade level or in each course.
Five of the nine announced candidates for Sheriff of Beaufort County addressed the Beaufort Patriot TEA Party on January 16, 2014. They were Todd Alligood, Gary Blount, Ernie Coleman, Donald Dixon and Harry Meredith.
Republicans like to boast about "cutting taxes." That's well and good, but take note: Many of us have just been hit with a $43 million sales tax increase.
We want to commend Mr. Klemm for finally trying to explain his position on the jail. The problem is, his position is both a distortion of the truth and a faulty
It has been learned that UNC created, offered and allowed athletes to take courses that seldom met and apparently had no requirements except some flimsy papers in order to get, not only credit, but grades sufficient to enhance the athlete's GPA
First, on the point of not being able to envision being put in a position of having to decide whether to enforce a law or order that was contrary to the constitution, let us just say this to those candidates.
We have an inherently dishonest President. If you did not already know that or if you doubt it then you should review his speech on the massive spying program the National Security Agency is operating.
In an article posted elsewhere on this site N. C. GOP Chairman Claude Pope extols some renegade Republicans in Haywood County to adhere to "Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican." I feel compelled to respectfully dissent.
While our neighbors in Carteret and Craven counties are fighting against a proposed wind farm near Newport, our Beaufort County Commission is fighting to help a "green energy" company build one near Pantego.
The North Carolina State Republican Board of Elections met this morning (12-20-13) at 9:00 a.m. and kicked off the meeting with a real "Boss Hog" attitude.
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