Somebody's Laughing  

You may think this is not funny, I may, on ocassion, think it's not funny, but somebody, somewhere is laughing.

All aboard, the train is leaving the station bound for the Trump Party in Cleveland.
Subject to minor changes before final printing, in case of indictment of HRC.
As with many of his other compositions, Leroy Anderson wrote the Typewriter for orchestra, completing his work on October 9, 1950. Various ensembles have covered it many times.
How can you translate what our politicians are really telling you.
Don't get excited, it is just a parody of Hillary Clinton going to prison. Federal Prison Blues,
Driving without a license at my age is apparently another benefit of medicare. My doctor told me so.
This too shall pass when the Politically Correct Fascists change their focus from bathrooms to beer.
New Years is just another day on the calendar, but we always seem to find a reason to look back and make resolutions looking forward.
As you might suspect every activity within a gated community is covered by written and legally binding covenants, which are recorded in the County Office. I have run afoul several times of these very often-specific rules.
The details of the trip are not important but I am happy to report that I did not come back broke.
They say that some of the best exercise you can get is riding a bicycle. It helps to burn calories as well as provide cardio vascular conditioning
Red McDonald sent me this tip and I could not help but pass it on.
I have my fingerprints on file with the federal, state and local authorities mainly due to a disagreement with the draft board in 1967
Sometimes the publisher does not have enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done.
Somehow, I do not think he is taking my post seriously.
Gene weighs in on the slanted views of some publications.
As a first time grandpa, I have no experience on how to perform the role, so naturally I went back into the picture archive and searched for some help.
Organize your computer and written files easily
One of the numerous side effects I acquired while working for an engineering company for 40 years is a "tendency" to focus too much on details.
This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple's headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from...
I got your attention didn't I? Well, if you are a major car enthusiast, I'm going to lose you very quickly.
A Blonde Joke that You'veT Never Heard Before - Three Wishes - Cheap Suits - Copper Wire & Communication
A big part of getting old gracefully is live life well.
The inane of overbearing governments and the humor of paraprosdokians are provided by our friend Gene.
Just a few more funny stories and low tales from our friend, Gene, which is our way of saying: "Have a good day."
Life's messages made funny ... at least to some folks.
Here we have a variety of Golf Stories, tales and cartoons that may tickle your fancy if you are an avid golfer, or to just remind you why you no longer play.
Just a few more funny stories and low tales from our friend, Gene, which is our way of saying: "Have a good day."
Yes, I knew there were problems at the state level in the North Carolina Democrat Party, but then again, whom among us "should cast the first stone" ... and by that, I mean: Just look at way the leadership of the Republican party politicians in Raleigh comport themselves.
Our friend Gene has sent us another group of interesting stories. A little humor helps us to muddle through.
More Holy Humor, or Part II from our friend Gene.
Another raft of laugh along with Gene stories ...
Here below is a compilation of humorous contributions about religion from our friend, Gene Scarborough.
Irrespective of any political message inherent with the commercial, Chrysler's "It's Halftime in America" ad, featuring Clint Eastwood, it was most notable on two fronts: It was by far the most successful commercial in Super Bowl XLVI and Clint Eastwood can still command our attention.
Just today, November 17, 2011, I am witness to those zany Target commercials, with the maniacal Black Friday shopper for the 3rd year now, and I'm still laughing. Maria Bamford really cracks me up.
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