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In Short: The Beaufort County Hospital Board.

The hospital boards voted today to convey the health system, including the hospital to University Health Systems under terms UHS dictated on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.
Betty Murphy, our Chief Researcher, has done an analysis of the "final" hospital documents and the original Letter of Intent. She filed this report:
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Beaufort Regional Health System shall hold its regularly scheduled meeting beginning at Noon on Thursday, August 25, 2011.
It´s that time of year. Non-profits throughout the country are filing their IRS form 990´s, with one exception locally - Beaufort County Hospital Association.
University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina (UHS) has reduced its offer to take over Beaufort Regional Health Systems (BRHS).
UHS has already reneged on its proposal to buy Beaufort Regional Health the tune of reducing its offer from $30 million upfront money to $25 million.
The Beaufort Regional Health System (Hospital) met Tuesday and heard a report from the external auditor...that essentially he had nothing to report.
In this article we look at a continuing distortion about reimbursement and the difference in impact on the local economy by a non-profit vs a for-profit operator.
We have previously published here our opinion that the major difference between the lease proposals on the Beaufort Regional Health System was in the end-of-the-lease option.
We have learned very quickly how University Health Systems intends to operate the Beaufort Regional Health System (UHS). Secretly.
Here's our challenge to the WDN, our hospital leaders and anyone interested in the outcome of the hospital controversy. Do you know the answer to the following questions:
At 6:45 p.m. tonight, the Beaufort Regional Health System hospital board voted to recommend accepting an offer from University Health Systems to lease the Washington-based hospital.
There are a number messages that I have received from the pro-UHS (at all costs lost, which were all of them) crowd on the lease versus the sell of BRHS.
Advocates for a BRHS affiliation with UHS held an animated, well attended rally today in a parking lot across from the hospital.
The videos below will allow readers to review the way the Hospital board made its decision to recommend Community Health Systems over University Health Systems.
The BRHS hospital board will submit its recommendation to the Beaufort County Commissioners at 7 p.m. tonight in the Superior Court room in the Beaufort County Courthouse.
Thus, it is presumed that officials foresee the possibility that the Hospital's Negotiating Committee will make a recommendation on which proposal for taking over the hospital.
In the event that the BRHS hospital board approves a final recommendation, the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners is tentatively scheduled to meet Monday night at 7 p.m.
The Beaufort County Health System Board of Commissioners met in special called meeting Thursday (12-16-10) to hear a recommendation from its Finance Committee.
As most people in Beaufort County realize, the Hospital Board is considering several proposals related to the Hospital. Two of those proposals involve the real estate.
The health care market in Dare County is split, but controlled by UHS but UHS was not willing to use locally generated profit to support the system serving the entire county.
It has been reported that some employees of the system contacted the N. C. Department of Labor and the board was advised that the Labor Department had ruled that such action was illegal.
Beaufort Regional Health System Chief Financial Officer Dick Reif submitted to the hospital board an Interim Financial Statement for the fiscal-year ending Sept. 30, 2010, at a special-called meeting.
The Beaufort Regional Health System has begun negotiations with outside organizations that have submitted proposals to take over the Heath System (Hospital) totally or to take over the management.
Community Health Systems is once again a potential affiliation partner for Beaufort Regional Health Systems and will be active in the negotiation process, which could begin Nov. 8.
The reason the Health System is in its current predicament is because of poor management and a board that has been unwilling to make the hard decisions to cut expenses.
But only 22 spoke and most of those said the same thing: Merge with University Health System (UHS) and the sooner the better.
According to the experts hired by the board to assist it, those negotiations are expected to be "intense." The board is seeking comments on what should be negotiated and the priorities the boa
The Beaufort Regional Health System hospital board will be seeking input from BRHS medical staff and the general public regarding the contents of five bids for affiliation.
All members of the BRHS Authority Board of Commissioners seem to agree that the primary reason for the income shortfall in 2010 was the loss in patient volume.
In four days, Beaufort Regional Health System will know, for sure, which of the 14 institutions that expressed interest in leasing the hospital are actually potential future partners.
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