It's Personal  

This space is carved out of our digital presence to give our most usual contributors some space to relate what is important to them in a format that is quite personal.

Ah yes, Daylight Saving Time is here, but I try not to let that change affect my morning routine.
With a nod to Bob Dylan, the words they are a-changin', and I find plenty of the changes disconcerting.
Can you believe it? The Rolling Stones put on 15 US concerts in 2015, one of which was at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd stadium.
I am now age 68. Since I was age 30, I have suffered from a chronic prostate. It is a direct result of stress and dealing with a small town Baptist church in the beginning!
Now for the resolutions ... on second thought, forget the resolutions; however ...
What may be worse is that good men have no reason to exist without them. No reason at all: From conception until that dark void of eternal salvation or damned oblivion, good men need the nurturing emotional salve of that rare good women.
Recently, at the new Wal-Mart in Greenville this reporter observed an interesting situation. I approached a parking space I observed a lady who was in obvious distress.
I know there are many wonderful mothers residing in this region, however, my personal best is my wife, Lynn, and for good reason.
Now how could such a loving caring cat be just a cat?!
A Poem about being a Silly Dilly
Darla reserves a special spot in our hearts. She deserves a worthy mention now.

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