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Diane Rufino does not pull punches: She tells it straight and builds her case to express her keen sense of reality. If "keeping it real" is an imperative, you're advised to read Diane'

This week, I re-read a fabulously detailed biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Eric Metaxas. The book is titled BONHOEFFER. And I recommend it highly.
The States, acting voluntarily and in convention, entered into the Union by adopting a social compact, the US Constitution. The features of a compact provide great protection for American liberty.
In a deliberate, calculated act of racism, a black man ambushed and gunned down five Dallas police officers and injured seven more. I watched on TV how the police community and concerned citizens responded.
In the wake of the growing Black Lives Matter movement, black police officer Jay Salien took to Facebook to post the brutal reality of what a police officer faces each day when he patrols a predominantly black community.
Diane Rufino gives a thoughtful review of the latest book from New York Times #1 best-selling author, Eric Metaxas
Perhaps what Independence Day is all about is to reflect on our history and to rekindle our revolutionary spirit every year... our great love of liberty.
Obama's legacy will be his disastrous foreign policy, his rejection of Christianity, and his disassociation from traditional American values.
Once again, liberals are using a terrorist attack to justify gun control and the erosion of the Second Amendment's guarantee of the right of self-protection
In 1824, Rep. John Randolph from Virginia addressed Congress and condemned the high protective tariff that it was poised to pass, explaining how it would inflict great economic harm on the Southern states.
Jefferson Davis' worse fears came true. The big government of Abraham Lincoln, the greatest tyrant our country has ever known, has co-opted and crafted the "great lie" of why our country fought the Civil War.
Some think that it is impossible to reverse the destructive course our government is on now. Impossible is a big word and Donald Trump is a big man. I believe he is capable of achieving the impossible.
Katie Couric recently released a documentary on gun violence, entitled: "Under the Gun." Gun rights activists, including the NRA and Grass Roots North Carolina, are enraged over her deceptive editing .
This Memorial Day week-end, we remember the greater than 1,448,900 servicemen who fought and died in our wars and battles over the many years.
Diane Rufino makes the point that boycotts can work both ways, so let's put our good sense and our support of HB2 into practice and boycott Bruce Springsteen!
Diane Rufino writes an open letter to Governor Pat McCrory to thank him for his support and defense of HB2 ("Public Facilities Privacy & Safety Act")
Ronald Reagan reflects on the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how His simple life and early death has transformed the world.
While there are so many eager to demonize the Christian faith, I hope they will take the time to consider this thought.
Help fight the PC War on the South by learning the true history of the Confederacy at the Abbeville Institute Convention Feb. 27-28 in Charleston, SC
The downing of Extortion 17 (carrying Seal Team 6 whose members are responsible for killing Osama bin Laden) is the tragic story of a massive government cover-up and/or gross negligence.
Obama continues to wage war on the US Constitution and to commit treason to that sacred document. No one says a thing and liberty is threatened.
The Johnson Amendment was adopted to silence Churches in the political arena and the time has come when pastors need to stand up to the intimidation.
Obama intends to ignore the second amendment. The states must stand up to him and the government and protect the people in their essential right to have and bear arms.
Conservative talk show host, Rod Eccles, visited with the ENC Tea Party and engaged its members on current issues and the Presidential race
A series of undercover videos from a pro-life group have rocked Planned Parenthood -- and the national debate over abortion.
Living off entitlements and scams is unfortunately what defines the modern day American Democrat.
On this anniversary of 9/11, we look back and remember the horrific events of that day and the lives taken too soon.
NC may become the 5th state to call for a convention of states to draft a constitutional "balanced budget" amendment
The Supreme Court will have to clarify the implications of its Obergefell v. Hodges ruling with respect to the First Amendment
The newly-elected chair and vice chair hosted a Town Hall event last night in Beaufort County to address voters' questions, concerns, and criticisms.
True Conservatives understand why our country is falling apart. It's not that we lack the power and the ability to be the country we used to be; it's that our citizenry has willfully and ignorantly abandoned a moral imperative to defend our American ideals by living those ideals.
"Obama admits that Taliban prisoner swap for Bergdahl could put Americans in danger. He also acknowledged that the Taliban fighters could once again engage in efforts that are detrimental to U.S. security."
As the Resolutions Chair for the Pitt County GOP, I wrote a series of resolutions that I plan to present at the upcoming 2014 Pitt County GOP Convention, on March 8.
As the Resolutions Chair for the Pitt County GOP, I wrote a series of resolutions that I plan to present at the upcoming 2014 Pitt County GOP Convention, on March 8.
As the Resolutions Chair for the Pitt County GOP, I wrote a series of resolutions that I plan to present at the upcoming 2014 Pitt County GOP Convention, on March 8.
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