My body is my temple  

Self reflection during the season of Lent

New research at East Carolina University suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may have potential applications for combating infections in obese people.
The pictures tell the story here, and as this story is important, please contact me with the names of any of the folks that you may recognize in the photos, whom participated this fine Saturday, and I will list them in the appropriate places.
It was a beautiful, clear morning that last Saturday of July, 2011. The sun was barely up, as I crossed the new Runyon Creek Bridge, on foot, after parking near the Washington public boat launch.
Today, most people only fear the consumption of too much salt; and don't realize that being salt deficient can be equally damaging to one's body.
Walking is a low impact activity that will provide a level of exercise that is essential for everyone.
Taking on the recommend eight, 8 oz. glasses of water

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