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We make no presumption that we have a consistent understanding of the national economy, and more especially, its macro component. We do, however, have a natural affinity for our local economy.

The United States economy expanded at .2% for the first quarter, 2015, which is better than zero expansion in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is better than negative expansion, but not an economy that anyone should be proud of; certainly not the Obama Administration.
A meeting was held in Edenton on Nov 22 in order that local citizens will understand the benefits, or detriments, to the community regarding wind farms.
Today, David Herman, MD, president and CEO of Vidant Health, announced the appointment of Brian Floyd as president of Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC, effective October 1, 2014.
Disgraced Standard & Poor's claims that $24 Billion was lost to the economy in the government shut-down. But they are wrong.
Disgraced Standard & Poor's claims that $24 Billion was lost to the economy in the government shut-down. But they are wrong.
A small change in a North Carolina law affecting charter schools could have a major impact on teacher education in North Carolina.
Bill Sherrill feels like he has an uphill battle in an effort to continue self-distributing the beer he brews at Red Oak Brewery in Guilford County.
A former South Carolina congressman told an environmental forum that many conservatives don't think they can compete when it comes to visions for improving the environment.
Throughout the latest discourse on energy policy and government-related endeavors in natural resources, I have come to a conclusion on the matter: We aren't running out of resources as fast as some would have you believe.
I'm going to out on a limb here and predict that the legislature's new spending plan for 2012-13 will not result in the demise of public education, the collapse of North Carolina's economy, a plague of locusts, or the end of western civilization as we know it.
The headline at ABC reads "President Obama, Bill Clinton Stump on Growth vs. Austerity Agenda." While referring to the economic debate going on in Europe, Britain's New Statesman displays the headline "The Austerity vs. Growth Argument is Hotting [sic] Up."
The state's unemployment rate for May remained unchanged at 9.4 percent, marking the 41st consecutive month the unemployment rate has been 9.0 percent or higher.
For the better part of a century, U.S. politicians have made it one of their major goals to maximize the proportion of Americans who purchase rather than rent their primary dwellings.
We address the much belated Beaufort County EDC report, now finally submitted, through contributor Warren Smith's correspondence to Beaufort County Commissioner Al Klemm.
The recent suspension of Mr. Tom Thompson's pay until he meets his requirement to prepare and present the Economic Development Commission's annual report for 2011 is long over due.
The state House has said cheers to a compromise beer distributorship agreement that will make changes to the state's decades-old beer franchise law.
During the last few months the City of Washington has sponsored and applied for several grants, none of which will require any funding to be provided by local taxpayers.
Dan Forest is seeking the Republican nomination for the office of North Carolina Lt. Governor.
Natural gas exploration using hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, may be moving forward in North Carolina. Gov. Bev Perdue recently changed her mind and supports it, with limitations.
Ricky Gene Beacham Sr., 48, a resident of 1606 Taylor Road, Chocowinity, died Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at Vidant Beaufort Hospital.
The Economic Development Commission's activities can be sorted into two separate periods, the period between 2001 and 2005 and the period between 2005 and the present.
But both North Carolinians found that they had run afoul of one of the most widespread yet least-discussed barriers to creating jobs and pursing one's dreams: occupational licensing.
Employment is certainly an indicator of an economy's performance over time, as long as you are looking at overall rates of employment, unemployment, or underemployment.
This article is the first installment of a three-part series examining the practice of occupational licensing in North Carolina.
Caterpillar announced recently that it has chosen Athens, Ga., as the site for a new manufacturing plant. Several states were considered for the facilities, including a North Carolina site in Brunswick County.
On Tuesday, March 20th, NC SPIN, North Carolina's only independent statewide talk show, will host a daylong forum on healthcare called "What the Health: Can We Survive Our Healthcare System?"
There they go again: The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) continues to pump out misleading claims about Civitas and the state's public school system.
Caterpillar announced recently that it has chosen Athens, Ga., as the site for a new manufacturing plant. Several states were considered for the facilities, including a site in Brunswick County, N.C.
The first decade of the 21st Century for North Carolina was a difficult one. In terms of the state’s economic condition, many may label it a lost decade.
Everybody needs a Ferris Bueller day off - even Wikipedia. Unlike Ferris, who could make the most of any moment, the management of Wikipedia just have something to say, and it is a most narrow message.
The lawyers are having a field day with the Fountain issue. Meanwhile, it appears when one rides by the plant on Whichard's Beach Road that little is going on there. The parking lot remains mostly empty.
On December 4, 2011, Tom Richter, speaking in a paid advertisement for the Committee of 100 published in the Washington Daily News, repeated this same statistic, "86% of prospects want to buy a building."
Effective January 25, 2012, University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina will become Vidant Health, and Pitt County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) will become Vidant Medical Center.
Unemployment figures for March 2011, released today by the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, show Beaufort County's unemployment rate improving for the second-consecutive month.
In February 2011, according to the NCESC, the percentage of Beaufort County residents, over the age of 15, who reported being unsuccessful in procuring employment for pay was 10.7 percent.
Unless state legislators take swift action, beginning Apr. 16, the maximum number of weeks for which a North Carolina resident can file for unemployment benefits is set to be reduced from 99 to 79.
Even though the unemployment rate was nearly two points lower in December 2010 than in January 2010, there were nearly 700 less people employed at the end of the year.

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