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For those who take the opportunity to have a few words with our publisher. This space is reserved for one to explain or entertain, but please do not bore.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing students and parents at North Carolina public schools and universities filed suit Tuesday against the U.S. departments of Justice and Education.
The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Kellie Fiedorek regarding North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's lawsuit filed Monday against the U.S. Department of Justice concerning the state's student privacy law, known as HB2.
In spite of persistent, sustained efforts by grassroots Constitutional conservatives, a kangaroo court style proceeding removed Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the NC Republican Party on Saturday, April 30.
The United States entered negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in an undeniable position of strength. Sanctions on Iran were working as intended: causing the Iranian currency to crumble, wreaking havoc on Iran's financial sector, and dramatically cutting Iran's oil exports.
We support community-based groups from down east where the Ocracoke Foundation is engaging the community in revitalizing its historic square on the Ocracoke Harbor to Craven County, where a joint effort is underway to create a small business incubator for potential entrepreneurs.
Ever since the Imposter-in-Chief admitted he had no strategy on how to deal with ISIS and the Middle East, I have been looking at other situations where there is a definitive strategy, and well laid out tactics to accomplish the goal.
A good friend of mine knows my political position = INDEPENDENT who leans Democrat. He also knows that I DISPISE people who use hate and division to get a political advantage.
Here is a story of the big Mars Hill Church out in California. Like Vidant, it is a 501(c)3 Tax-exempt / Non-profit institution.
Every major political matter is always immediately perceived as the last blow which will end America/Civilization/Liberty/The World; each instance we have found the aftermath wasn't as devastating or in fact did not exist whatsoever.
I have been trying to get before this body and the public since the first of this year relative to the Property Tax evaluations, especially those touching water.
What can I say??? It was entertaining / it was enlightening / it was comical / it was sad . . . I only have a page and I could write a book on the Beaufort County Council Meeting last night whose main topic was a possible new Law Enforcement Center.
This is a serious subject. It is drawing some good early response. It is not the kind of subject you can write a definite final "thus saith the Lord" treatise on. I would like to be the leader of discussion rather than some arbitrator.
My good friend and mentor, Wayne Martin, sent this to me. I send it to you as just one more example of the way terms like "liberal" and "conservative" are thrown around these days.
Earlier last year you began acting on a proposal to fund a new jail at the Washington Industrial Park.
I was peacefully shopping at our local Wal-Mart. It is a joy to be in that particular store, although I normally hate the crowds at them elsewhere. In another town where I used to live there were 2 stores.
Several years ago the county was refused USDA financing for a justice center at the Minute Man site because the project's sponsors could not demonstrate sufficient community support for the proposal.
Controversy is arising over a cirriculum change to the AP American History class, claiming it is rewriting history; In this editorial, I will express my views on the issue.
As we move towards a critical November election in the US, you should look for an opportunity to communicate with your local House or Senate candidate.
To be accurate, I don't think most citizens really know what or who we are! Civics is not a required subject nor is political science.
I see it in the same light as President Ford tripping on the steps of AF- 1 = brings him down to the "foot-in-mouth" disease of most of us. Those who speak publicly and the audience begins to snicker, immediately start to regret they ever said a word for idiots to criticize.
Solomon asked for wisdom not intelligence. Wisdom is the ability to foresee the finished project at the beginning.
    Vicktor Frankel's "Man's Search for Meaning" was a book I read as I majored in Psychology at Emory. He was a prisoner of the Nazis.
As tired as I was last night, this morning could well be called a resurrection! It feels great to be alive and have a purpose other than filling a chair or bed in a nursing home!
North Carolina's Civitas Institute does our state's preeminent rating of the legislature, analyzing the key bills and then looking at the voting records of each legislator on those bills as to whether they are liberal or conservative.
This is rather disturbing since the US Power Grid has been called the most significant engineering accomplishment of our time!
I think Jesus went to the boys on the fishing boat because he wanted real men with real compassion.
I have finally had my chance to review the same-sex attraction of the female Presbyterian minister.
I am an advocate of getting local property tax in line with actual values for which it might sell. Right now, Realtors tell me their average sale is 70% of appraised value.
We are seeing today the possibilities of management/labor cooperation in some places vs. abuse from either side against the other.
I have heard that one from the fundies who took over Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the late 80's.
Your letter to Lucille is interesting. She, like my sister, is suffering from "being tied up in nots" = thou shalt not do this and that! She takes great pride in the Dean's List, but was driven to perfection by our Baby Boom ideals and religion of the South.
I was blessed with a wise and intelligent father who saw behind all things SBC and Southern. He went to Mercer under threat from the little ladies of Moon's Grove Baptist Church outside Athens that "they will ruin your faith!"
We are back home after a great High School Reunion celebrating 50 years. I actually graduated with the class of '63 by taking summer school English and taking enough units to get out just before Kennedy was killed.
We are under a "Vector" which is a guidance line keeping aircraft going the same direction rather than crossing directions creating collisions.
Settlement of he Pamlico area of eastern North Carolina was first attempted by the English when the Lost Colony was established on Roanoke Island in 1585.
On occasion, we will offer two or more opinion vignettes from Gene Scarborough. These are two of them.
Sorry we could not continue our good conversation this morning, but your article said it all, I think.
I have NO PROBLEM with anything you say. I used to type up my mother's tests on that smelly alcohol duplicator stencil.
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